Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kansas has sure been good to me.  When I started my journey a year ago I did not plan on setting foot in Kansas at all, let alone twice.  Rick and Deb Stenzel let me help them with their cattle operation and they even paid me for it.  First picture is of a two day old calf and second is how they feed with round bales.  I have not been around a cattle oufit for 47 years and was sure glad Rick and Deb let me hang out with them.  High school football is big in Ness City and their team gave them alot to be proud of.  They went 13 - 0, won state 8 man championship and were ranked # 2 in the nation.  On Jan. 3 Kansas State will have to face the mighty Oregon Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl.  I like Kansas, but I pretty sure they will not know what hit them when the Ducks turn it loose.  Go Ducks!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am in Kansas staying with a great family that invited me back after meeting them last May.  I have finished book 2 and got it sent off to my editor.  Was blessed with a book signing at a library and got to speak at three services in Jetmore which is 26 miles south of where I am staying in Ness City.  A friend and local cattle rancher has been giving me some work which has kept me busy and hopefully will earn a few bucks to take care of a couple worrisome teeth.  Headed for Texas in a week or two.
I flew from Denver to Dodge City and I was the only passenger.  Just me and two pilots and one of the pilots took this picture.  Second picture is of Jean and Nancy from the Ness City library.  They went to a lot of trouble to set up a talk and book signing that went real good.  Nice people in Kansas.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I have not blogged since July because I didn't think I had anything of interest for anyone to read.  However, I have received several emails from some very kind people still wanting to know what I am up to.  With that said I am going to send out a few blogs to let anyone who might be interested in what is going on in this wanderers life.  I had a great time in Oregon with my kids and and friends.  Didn't hardly get anything constructive completed.  I did however get my batteries charged back up after spending nearly nine months on the road and covering over 10,000 sojourning across America.  The next few blogs will bring you up to date of where I am at and what lies ahead.  If you have followed me in the past, thank you very much.  I stayed for a few days with some good friends by the name of George and Debbie and the first picture is of Geroge's delightful 95 year old mother, Alberta. The second picture is of a group of people who serve meals to the needy in Bandon, Oregon.  Susanne, another good friend let me hang out with them for an afternoon.  The third is of Bo, Lura, and Pat.  Three former co-workers who let me hang out with them one day while they blasted away on some targets.  Along with Tom who joined us later we must have shot a gazillion rounds at innocent bulls eyes and pop cans.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Days 250 t0 257

07/ 06 to 12/12  Days 250 to 257  1,261  miles  9,779  Total
I am very sorry for not keeping this blog updated.  My lap top crashed and I finally got everything working again.  My son asked me to come home for the family and I did.  I was really struggling with heat and even though I came home a couple months before I had planned, I am very glad I did.  I am at my son Chris's home in Portland and in the process of figuring out the next step.  Was planning to retrace my steps of year one, however, I am pretty sure that God has a different schedule setup.  For all you who have followed me on this journey, thank you very much.  I know I will be going back out, just not sure how yet.  If you are still interested in what happens you can inter you email address on my blob and it will notify you when I post updates. 
First picture is of Chris and I on the Oregon coast.  I made it coast to coast twice.  Second is of my son Joseph, daughter Anna, grandson David, and Chris.  I had to finish with a sunset on the coast.  God have given me many wonderful sunsets the last nine months.  I really loved seeing America and meeting so many wonderful people.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Days 248 & 249

Tuesday & Wednesday  07/03, 04/12  Days 248 & 249  121 miles  8,518   Total
After several hot hours of trying to get out of Circle, Mt.  Rob a civil engineer offered me a ride to Miles City.  What a blessing.  Very interesting ride as Rob has a very good understanding of what is going on in our country politically and economically.  Rob drove me all over Miles City to try and find a place to pitch my tent.  Finally ended up at a KOA campground.  They are kind of expensive so I have never stayed at one.  Didn't really have a choice and Rob very generously paid for my first night.  Nice young man and I hope he stays in touch.  Fourth of July was great here.  They had a very good parade and huge pick nick in the park afterwards with music until they did an outstanding fireworks display.  First picture is of a 11 year old little gal who did a outstanding job of singing Amazing Grace.  Second is of a downtown Presbyterian Church.

Day 247

Monday 07/02/12  Day 247 103 miles  8,497  Total
I got up at the same time the sun did and packed everything up and walked about 1 1/2 miles to a freeway on ramp.  After almost four hours, the camp hosts from the campground I was just at came by.  Don & Mary were on their way to Glendive, Mt. to do laundry.  They gave me a ride, which was a real good thing as it was not looking to good where I was at.  After another four hours of trying to get a ride out of Glendive, Colleen and her son Trent offer me a ride to Circle, Mt.  I had no idea where that was, but they said it would get me closer.  They dropped me off at the city park in Circle. After I got there and checked my map, I am farther from my destination of Miles City than I was when I was in Glendive.  Oh well, maybe I am suppose to be in Circle.  I was only there a few minutes when three guys from Connecticut pull in on their bicycles.  They are headed for the west coast.  Had a great time getting to know these guys.  Hope they stay in touch.  First picture is of the moon coming up over a farm in near Circle.  Second is of my three friends from Connecticut  I made the mistake of not writing their names down. They recently graduated from college so I will call them by their majors.  Physics, History, and Physiology.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Days 243 to 246

Thursday to Sunday  06/28 to 07/01/12  Days 243 to 246
Pat dropped me off at Buffalo Gap Campgrounds and I really like it here.  Very quiet and cheap.  Stayed here for four days and get close to 10,000 words done on book 3. No cell reception so I am kind of isolated.  Have to leave Monday as I am out of food and very tried of p&j sandwiches and a mouse chewed a hole in the bottom of my tent and got some of my bread.  Couldn't catch the little rascal.  Pictures are of sunset at camp ground and the camp ground from the top of small hill.

Days 240 to 242

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  06/25 to 27/12  Days 240 to 242  365 miles 8,394 Total
Monday I did an interview with Tom at Lusk, Wyoming Herald.  After several hot hours got a ride to New Castle were I put my bed roll out under a buggy tree.  Tuesday caught a interesting ride with Jerimie to Belle Forche, SD.  Tried for rest of day to get a ride to no avail.  106 temps. about did me in.  Wednesday got a ride to Belfield, ND from Brian, a traveling salesman.  Tried to sign me up.  Didn't like Belfield and in the late afternoon, Pat and her three grand kids gave me a ride to Buffalo Gap Campground in western ND.  Great lady with three grand kids that give her a pretty tough time.
Heat has been hard on this old bugger.  First picture is of the Painted Hills of North Dakota.  Second is of Pat and her three grand kids, Carson, Morgan, and Marley.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Days 238 & 239

Saturday & Sunday  06/23, 24/12  Days 238, 239  54 miles  8,029  Total
Sat. morning I tried to get a ride out of Ft. Robinson and gave up after a few hours and decided to head out into the country.  It is hot and I have limited water and I know I can't make to the next town on foot.  I will only go so far and head back the next day if I don't get a ride.  Walk several miles until the knee says no more.  About three o'clock, Kim, a Man from Michigan gives me a ride to Lusk, Wy.  Interesting guy dealing with a lot of issues.  He sure saved my bacon.  Went to a community church service in the city park Sunday. Didn't meet anyone Sunday, but did meet some real cool people Sat. First picture is of a long horn bull and a few of his friends.  They were on one side of the road and on the other was a small herd of donkeys and and a larger herd of bison, but I couldn't get close to them.  Second is of 84 year old John, aka Cowboy.  He probably had more personal stories of the true west than anyone I have met so far. Try to make it to New Castle tomorrow.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Days 236, 237

Thursday & Friday  06/21, 22/12  Days 236 & 237
I have been at Ft. Robinson in NW Nebraska since Wednesday night.  The history around this place is amazing.  They also have a whole host of different things to do, all of them family oriented.  Last night I went to a free rodeo and tonight I am splurging a little and going to a play.  Tomorrow I am headed for the high plains of Wyoming.  First pic is of my tent.  Bison in the back, cemetery on one side and a gazillion insects to keep me company, no wonder I had it all to my self.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 235

Wednesday  06/20/12  Day 235  42 miles  7,975  Total
Good bye to the great little town of Hemingford.  After 4 hours of trying to get a ride I was only 10 minutes from walking toward Ft. Robinson when Aaron from the newspaper pulled up and told me I would have a better chance of getting to Ft. Rob. if he took me to an intersection about 12 miles out of town.  After he dropped me off I only had to wait about an hour before Tony and Ernesto pick me up.  Tony is a rancher, farmer, trucking company owner, hay contractor and he took the time to pick me up.  We end up going to his ranch to work on a semi that is down.  After a couple hours he realizes that he is going to have to replace the engine at a cost of over $20,000.  Tony is a very interesting man with a calmness under pressure that is very rare.  Got to know Ernesto pretty good, but it broke my heart when I found he was up to his eye balls in a cult.  Got to Ft. Robinson about 7:30 and set up my tent only about 500 yards from a herd of bison.  First picture is of Jeannie and Larry, the people who let me stay in their very nice guest house for a few days.  Second is of some horses that I chatted with while waiting for a ride from Tony.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Days 229 to 234

Thursday to Tuesday  06/14 to 19/12  Days 229 to 234
I was going to be in Hemingford for 15 minutes and end up here for a whole week.  High lights of a great week.  Friday afternoon went to a cafe to cool off and do Internet stuff.  While I was there a thunder storm came through and got everything in my tent wet.  Saturday I wen to a Seventh Day Adventist church and got blessed by some great people.  They had a offering for the kids and they donated $134.  Dr. John and his wife Pat, invite me to their home for lunch.  We are joined by Jeannie and Larry who when they find out what I am doing offer me their guest home for a few days.  This is a real nice place with all the bells and whistles.  Sunday went to a United Methodist Church and met some more cool people.  Good service and a really good Sunday School class.  After the service I walked over to grocery store to get some food and as I am going into the store a man named Roger asks me if I am from the area and when I tell him what I am doing he gives me $20 for the kids on the spot.  Amazing!!!  I have  really enjoyed this town and hope to come back someday. My medications will be at the post office Monday or Tuesday and then I am headed for Fort Robinson Wednesday. First picture is of Dorothy, AKA Dot or Dottie, who won my heart with her smile.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 228

Wednesday  06/13/12  Day 228  20 miles  7,933  Total
Pastor Don gave me a ride to the outskirts of Alliance.  A town still reeling from the tragedy the day before.  After several hours, David a retired police chief from Hemingford rescues me from the heat and gives me a ride to that small charming town.  As we are pulling into town he sees the current police chief and introduces me and that chief tells me I can put my tent up at the fair grounds.  As I am walking around the fair grounds I meet John who is there checking some utilities.  Few minutes later I meet two ladies that work at the fair grounds.  They show me a great place to put my tent up and unlock the restrooms that are complete with showers.  As I am starting to put my tent up, Aaron, a report for the Ledger shows up to do an interview, as John had called him.  After the interview Aaron shows me around town and then takes me to his office to get me an extension cord.  After I get all set up I go have some dinner and blog and when I get back there is a box in my tent with all kinds of goodies in it, but I don't know who brought it.  I think it was John.  I can't believe how I could meet so many nice people in such a short period of time.  God and these people are so amazing.  First picture is of Rachelle and Witney.  Two real nice ladies from the fair grounds.  Rachelle and her husband Greg even came and visited me that evening.  Second picture is of some Llamas checking me out near Bridgeport.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Days 226, 227

Monday & Tuesday  06/11, 12/12  Days 226, 227  296 miles 7,913  Total

Monday Matt and I were going to leave but ended up staying an extra day to help Larry with a project.  Tuesday Matt is headed for Salt Lake so he gives me a great ride to Bridgeport.  After a few hours of trying for a ride, Pastor Don gives me a ride to Alliance.  On the way he informs me that there is a hostage situation in Alliance.  What ended up happening was a 27 year old man killed his father and then when a pharmacy heist goes bad he ends up holding the owner hostage.  The owner and two policeman ended up being wounded and the Nebraska highway patrol swat team killed the shooter over 13 hours after this terrible ordeal started.  This a sad situation any place, but it sure shook up this nice little town.  Pastor let me pitch my tent behind his church.
First picture is four great people.  Barb is this dynamite lady I fell love with, Anne, Larry, and Matt were nothing short of great hosts that I really enjoyed being around.  Second pic. is not suppose to be there, but I couldn't get it off and put in the one I wanted. 

Days 221 to 225

Wednesday to Sunday  06/06 to 10/12  Days 221 to 225
Pastor Larry invited me to speak again at his church next Sunday AM and a special PM service.  Spent three days preparing for what I consider a pretty heavy message.  Saturday afternoon I got a very pleasant surprise when Connie from Ness City, Kansas showed up in Alma.  She wasn't far from here on a family thing and decided to see if she could find me and she did.  We had a real nice dinner and she even got a room so she could hear me speak Sunday AM.  What a great surprise.  Sunday both services went well in my opinion and I pray that those in attendance and God felt the same way.
First picture is of a cool building in Alma, Neb. and yet another sunset....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Days 212 to 220

Monday 2/12 to Tuesday 2/20/12  Days  212 to 220
In my last blog I mentioned that I met a pastor who owns a closed motel.  I am still with them.  Pastor Larry and his wife Anne have been very gracious to me.  I have stayed for a few reasons:  Trying to get my knee healed.  Finish my second book, and I get to do some speaking.  The knee is much better, I finally finished book 2 and I got to speak at a church last Sunday and will be speaking twice next Sunday.  It has been hot in Alma, Nebraska, but I have been holed up in a free motel room.  Pretty cool.  Heading north Monday.  First picture is of a cool little statue in a local park that is on the banks of Harlen Reservoir.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Days 210 & 211

Saturday & Sunday  05/26, 27/12Last night was a challenge.  Mother nature hit pretty hard and my poor little tent was really tested.  Lightning, thunder, rain, and high winds. Saturday was hot  with high winds.  Friday evening and for several hours Saturday at a recently open restaurant called Simmy's.  It was great to have a cool place out of the heat and wind.  Sunday I went to First Christian Church in Alma.  I love it when I like a church and it's members right off the bat.  Got there in time for a real good Sunday School class taught by Pastor Larry.  Also got to listen to a good sermon and meet several people.  Then God blessed my socks off again.  Pastor Larry and his wife Anne own a closed motel and they offer me a place to stay as another thunder storm is on the way.  At 3 o'clock Larry picks me up and moves me to very comfortable room.  More about these gracious people later.  First picture is of  the owners of Simmy's.  Cody and his wife Kelly.  Two people with guts to take on the daunting task starting a new restaurant.  Second is of Treasa and third is of Tracy, Anna, Chelsea and Big Red.  All very nice people made me feel very welcomed.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Days 207 to 209

Wednesday to Friday  05/22, 23, 24/12  Days 207 to 209   50 miles  7,617  Total
Wednesday I walked around town for an hour and my knee wasn't happy.  Thursday I packed up and walked out of town heading north.  First 1/2 mile was all up hill and by the time I got to the top I was really struggling.  My knee was sure not ready for hills.  Found a good place to catch a ride and I did everything but dance and found no takers. It is late in the afternoon I have to make up my mind whether to limp on and camp in an open field or walk all the way back into Stockton and stay at the city park.  With visions of some farmer running me out of his field I drag back into town feeling like whipped pup.  Because of the knee I am walking funny and now my foot and hip hurts too.  What a deal.  As always I know tomorrow can be better. Friday I pack up at sun up and go to the main street leaving town and a gal by the name of Christine offers me a ride within 15 minutes of being on the street. This sweet lady gives me a ride to Glade which is very small with no businesses.  As I am walking across the street Jerry pulls up and offers me a ride to Phillipsburg.  Jerry is a crusty old bugger like me and we had a nice ride before he drops me off on the east side of town.  I walk through town and put my thumb out on the west side and after 15 minutes, Preston gives a ride right to a RV Park in Alma, Neb.  Preston is from Oklahoma on his way to South Dakota for the weekend.  Thursday I couldn't catch a ride to save me and Friday it is the total opposite.  Three nice people and a good dose of patience.  First pictures is of my last sunset in Kansas and second is of a bison telling me it is time to move on.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Days 202 to 206

Friday to Tuesday 05/18 - 22/12  Days 202 to 206  211 miles   7,567 Total
I had to leave Ness City today.  Going to miss this special group of people very much.  Connie and I did a sight seeing tour through several Kansas towns and state parks in a 211 mile, two day journey to Stockton, Kansas.  Connie got us separate rooms in Colby and Stockton and went to church with me Sunday at main Street Christian Church.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and become close to some very wonderful people on this journey. Connie is one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met and I sure am blessed for knowing her.  It was hard to watch her drive away Sunday afternoon.  In the past all of the proceeds we have generated has gone to three organizations for their general fund.  Tuesday I was able to send off two checks for $360 each to sponsor two kids for a whole year.  First was in the name of Jetmore/Hanson Methodist Church  and second was in the name of Connie, Rosalie, Rick, Deb, and Sandy of Ness City.  What a good feeling and it makes everything worthwhile.  Swelling in my knee is going down and doesn't hurt near as much to walk on so will probably head for Nebraska soon.  I pray that you all have a wonderful Memorial weekend.  First picture is of a baby Robin looking at me with disdain.  Second is of a wide open Kansas road.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Days 200 & 201

Wednesday & Thursday  05/16, 17/12  Days 200 & 201
Wednesday is my 200th day since I left Coquille, Oregon.  I can't believe it has gone so fast.  Had a little set back today.  I was helping Rick with a stock tank and when I was walking around some rubble caused by a previous tornado I fell into an abandoned well.  Scrapped both of my hands and my hip a little but the real problem is that I tweaked my bad knee.  Rick said my eyes where pretty big as he helped me out of this hole.  I bet that was a funny sight.  Anyway, instead of being the walking man right now, I am the hobbling guy for a few days.  This could have been bad, but it wasn't and it reminded me that I need to be careful on where I walk. Connie is taking me to Stockton, Kansas Friday where my son has sent me some mail to general delivery.  First picture is of sun set at Connie's families old home stead.  Tornado pretty much leveled everything many years ago. Second is of part of Rick's cattle that I got to hang out with for a few days.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Days 192 to 199

Tuesday to Tuesday  05/7 - 15/12  Days 192 to 199
Another week of having fun in Ness City.  I did get some other things done so that I don't feel totally guilty for having such a good time.  Got to build a few things for Rosalie and help Rick with some water tanks for his cattle.  He didn't need me, but let me tag along.  It was nice to be involved with ranching, even if it  was only as a spectator.  Heading north Friday.  First pictures is of one of Rick's bulls.  He seems to have an attitude.  Second is of golf course that we shot three times in perfect weather.  Third is of Alford and Kay.  Connie and I had a nice evening with them.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Days 184 to 191

I have been told that if you want people to follow your blogs you need to blog on very regular basis.  I'm sorry that I have not done that as of late.  I have gotten mixed up with a bunch of very kind and  fun loving Kansas people.  God has blessed me with having way to much fun and also getting book 2 near completion.  I attended my first ever Catholic Church  last Sunday and a great little Assembly of God church this Sunday.  Played a lot of pinochle with Connie and her mom Rosalie.  Did some yard work for Rosalie and her neighbor Nina, who gave me a haircut.  First picture is of six ladies who invited me to have dinner with them at a restaurant in McCraken.  Save the comments on me having dinner with so many attractive women, just part of the job.  Second pic. is of just part of about 40  motor cycles that showed up while we were having dinner.  Third is of Rosalie and Connie at a stop we made on our way to Hays, Kansas to have dinner then attend a Barber Shop style concert at a university  concert hall.  These two women are very special people and will be a big part of book 3. Back on the road Saturday.