Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Days 184 to 191

I have been told that if you want people to follow your blogs you need to blog on very regular basis.  I'm sorry that I have not done that as of late.  I have gotten mixed up with a bunch of very kind and  fun loving Kansas people.  God has blessed me with having way to much fun and also getting book 2 near completion.  I attended my first ever Catholic Church  last Sunday and a great little Assembly of God church this Sunday.  Played a lot of pinochle with Connie and her mom Rosalie.  Did some yard work for Rosalie and her neighbor Nina, who gave me a haircut.  First picture is of six ladies who invited me to have dinner with them at a restaurant in McCraken.  Save the comments on me having dinner with so many attractive women, just part of the job.  Second pic. is of just part of about 40  motor cycles that showed up while we were having dinner.  Third is of Rosalie and Connie at a stop we made on our way to Hays, Kansas to have dinner then attend a Barber Shop style concert at a university  concert hall.  These two women are very special people and will be a big part of book 3. Back on the road Saturday.      

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