Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 247

Monday 07/02/12  Day 247 103 miles  8,497  Total
I got up at the same time the sun did and packed everything up and walked about 1 1/2 miles to a freeway on ramp.  After almost four hours, the camp hosts from the campground I was just at came by.  Don & Mary were on their way to Glendive, Mt. to do laundry.  They gave me a ride, which was a real good thing as it was not looking to good where I was at.  After another four hours of trying to get a ride out of Glendive, Colleen and her son Trent offer me a ride to Circle, Mt.  I had no idea where that was, but they said it would get me closer.  They dropped me off at the city park in Circle. After I got there and checked my map, I am farther from my destination of Miles City than I was when I was in Glendive.  Oh well, maybe I am suppose to be in Circle.  I was only there a few minutes when three guys from Connecticut pull in on their bicycles.  They are headed for the west coast.  Had a great time getting to know these guys.  Hope they stay in touch.  First picture is of the moon coming up over a farm in near Circle.  Second is of my three friends from Connecticut  I made the mistake of not writing their names down. They recently graduated from college so I will call them by their majors.  Physics, History, and Physiology.

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