Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Days 229 to 234

Thursday to Tuesday  06/14 to 19/12  Days 229 to 234
I was going to be in Hemingford for 15 minutes and end up here for a whole week.  High lights of a great week.  Friday afternoon went to a cafe to cool off and do Internet stuff.  While I was there a thunder storm came through and got everything in my tent wet.  Saturday I wen to a Seventh Day Adventist church and got blessed by some great people.  They had a offering for the kids and they donated $134.  Dr. John and his wife Pat, invite me to their home for lunch.  We are joined by Jeannie and Larry who when they find out what I am doing offer me their guest home for a few days.  This is a real nice place with all the bells and whistles.  Sunday went to a United Methodist Church and met some more cool people.  Good service and a really good Sunday School class.  After the service I walked over to grocery store to get some food and as I am going into the store a man named Roger asks me if I am from the area and when I tell him what I am doing he gives me $20 for the kids on the spot.  Amazing!!!  I have  really enjoyed this town and hope to come back someday. My medications will be at the post office Monday or Tuesday and then I am headed for Fort Robinson Wednesday. First picture is of Dorothy, AKA Dot or Dottie, who won my heart with her smile.

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  1. So good to know how you are doing, Dave. Sorry you did not get to Montana as scheduled, but God always knows best. We were certainly blessed to have you in Alma..God be with you always, Barbara


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