Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Days 210 & 211

Saturday & Sunday  05/26, 27/12Last night was a challenge.  Mother nature hit pretty hard and my poor little tent was really tested.  Lightning, thunder, rain, and high winds. Saturday was hot  with high winds.  Friday evening and for several hours Saturday at a recently open restaurant called Simmy's.  It was great to have a cool place out of the heat and wind.  Sunday I went to First Christian Church in Alma.  I love it when I like a church and it's members right off the bat.  Got there in time for a real good Sunday School class taught by Pastor Larry.  Also got to listen to a good sermon and meet several people.  Then God blessed my socks off again.  Pastor Larry and his wife Anne own a closed motel and they offer me a place to stay as another thunder storm is on the way.  At 3 o'clock Larry picks me up and moves me to very comfortable room.  More about these gracious people later.  First picture is of  the owners of Simmy's.  Cody and his wife Kelly.  Two people with guts to take on the daunting task starting a new restaurant.  Second is of Treasa and third is of Tracy, Anna, Chelsea and Big Red.  All very nice people made me feel very welcomed.

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  1. Dave it was so much fun talking to you and spending time with you. We had a great time with you at Simmy's. I hope you have many safe travels and get to meet many more nice people on you journey. Hope to see you again sometime.
    Theresa Baker


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