Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Days 226, 227

Monday & Tuesday  06/11, 12/12  Days 226, 227  296 miles 7,913  Total

Monday Matt and I were going to leave but ended up staying an extra day to help Larry with a project.  Tuesday Matt is headed for Salt Lake so he gives me a great ride to Bridgeport.  After a few hours of trying for a ride, Pastor Don gives me a ride to Alliance.  On the way he informs me that there is a hostage situation in Alliance.  What ended up happening was a 27 year old man killed his father and then when a pharmacy heist goes bad he ends up holding the owner hostage.  The owner and two policeman ended up being wounded and the Nebraska highway patrol swat team killed the shooter over 13 hours after this terrible ordeal started.  This a sad situation any place, but it sure shook up this nice little town.  Pastor let me pitch my tent behind his church.
First picture is four great people.  Barb is this dynamite lady I fell love with, Anne, Larry, and Matt were nothing short of great hosts that I really enjoyed being around.  Second pic. is not suppose to be there, but I couldn't get it off and put in the one I wanted. 

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