Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Days 238 & 239

Saturday & Sunday  06/23, 24/12  Days 238, 239  54 miles  8,029  Total
Sat. morning I tried to get a ride out of Ft. Robinson and gave up after a few hours and decided to head out into the country.  It is hot and I have limited water and I know I can't make to the next town on foot.  I will only go so far and head back the next day if I don't get a ride.  Walk several miles until the knee says no more.  About three o'clock, Kim, a Man from Michigan gives me a ride to Lusk, Wy.  Interesting guy dealing with a lot of issues.  He sure saved my bacon.  Went to a community church service in the city park Sunday. Didn't meet anyone Sunday, but did meet some real cool people Sat. First picture is of a long horn bull and a few of his friends.  They were on one side of the road and on the other was a small herd of donkeys and and a larger herd of bison, but I couldn't get close to them.  Second is of 84 year old John, aka Cowboy.  He probably had more personal stories of the true west than anyone I have met so far. Try to make it to New Castle tomorrow.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Days 236, 237

Thursday & Friday  06/21, 22/12  Days 236 & 237
I have been at Ft. Robinson in NW Nebraska since Wednesday night.  The history around this place is amazing.  They also have a whole host of different things to do, all of them family oriented.  Last night I went to a free rodeo and tonight I am splurging a little and going to a play.  Tomorrow I am headed for the high plains of Wyoming.  First pic is of my tent.  Bison in the back, cemetery on one side and a gazillion insects to keep me company, no wonder I had it all to my self.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 235

Wednesday  06/20/12  Day 235  42 miles  7,975  Total
Good bye to the great little town of Hemingford.  After 4 hours of trying to get a ride I was only 10 minutes from walking toward Ft. Robinson when Aaron from the newspaper pulled up and told me I would have a better chance of getting to Ft. Rob. if he took me to an intersection about 12 miles out of town.  After he dropped me off I only had to wait about an hour before Tony and Ernesto pick me up.  Tony is a rancher, farmer, trucking company owner, hay contractor and he took the time to pick me up.  We end up going to his ranch to work on a semi that is down.  After a couple hours he realizes that he is going to have to replace the engine at a cost of over $20,000.  Tony is a very interesting man with a calmness under pressure that is very rare.  Got to know Ernesto pretty good, but it broke my heart when I found he was up to his eye balls in a cult.  Got to Ft. Robinson about 7:30 and set up my tent only about 500 yards from a herd of bison.  First picture is of Jeannie and Larry, the people who let me stay in their very nice guest house for a few days.  Second is of some horses that I chatted with while waiting for a ride from Tony.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Days 229 to 234

Thursday to Tuesday  06/14 to 19/12  Days 229 to 234
I was going to be in Hemingford for 15 minutes and end up here for a whole week.  High lights of a great week.  Friday afternoon went to a cafe to cool off and do Internet stuff.  While I was there a thunder storm came through and got everything in my tent wet.  Saturday I wen to a Seventh Day Adventist church and got blessed by some great people.  They had a offering for the kids and they donated $134.  Dr. John and his wife Pat, invite me to their home for lunch.  We are joined by Jeannie and Larry who when they find out what I am doing offer me their guest home for a few days.  This is a real nice place with all the bells and whistles.  Sunday went to a United Methodist Church and met some more cool people.  Good service and a really good Sunday School class.  After the service I walked over to grocery store to get some food and as I am going into the store a man named Roger asks me if I am from the area and when I tell him what I am doing he gives me $20 for the kids on the spot.  Amazing!!!  I have  really enjoyed this town and hope to come back someday. My medications will be at the post office Monday or Tuesday and then I am headed for Fort Robinson Wednesday. First picture is of Dorothy, AKA Dot or Dottie, who won my heart with her smile.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 228

Wednesday  06/13/12  Day 228  20 miles  7,933  Total
Pastor Don gave me a ride to the outskirts of Alliance.  A town still reeling from the tragedy the day before.  After several hours, David a retired police chief from Hemingford rescues me from the heat and gives me a ride to that small charming town.  As we are pulling into town he sees the current police chief and introduces me and that chief tells me I can put my tent up at the fair grounds.  As I am walking around the fair grounds I meet John who is there checking some utilities.  Few minutes later I meet two ladies that work at the fair grounds.  They show me a great place to put my tent up and unlock the restrooms that are complete with showers.  As I am starting to put my tent up, Aaron, a report for the Ledger shows up to do an interview, as John had called him.  After the interview Aaron shows me around town and then takes me to his office to get me an extension cord.  After I get all set up I go have some dinner and blog and when I get back there is a box in my tent with all kinds of goodies in it, but I don't know who brought it.  I think it was John.  I can't believe how I could meet so many nice people in such a short period of time.  God and these people are so amazing.  First picture is of Rachelle and Witney.  Two real nice ladies from the fair grounds.  Rachelle and her husband Greg even came and visited me that evening.  Second picture is of some Llamas checking me out near Bridgeport.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Days 226, 227

Monday & Tuesday  06/11, 12/12  Days 226, 227  296 miles 7,913  Total

Monday Matt and I were going to leave but ended up staying an extra day to help Larry with a project.  Tuesday Matt is headed for Salt Lake so he gives me a great ride to Bridgeport.  After a few hours of trying for a ride, Pastor Don gives me a ride to Alliance.  On the way he informs me that there is a hostage situation in Alliance.  What ended up happening was a 27 year old man killed his father and then when a pharmacy heist goes bad he ends up holding the owner hostage.  The owner and two policeman ended up being wounded and the Nebraska highway patrol swat team killed the shooter over 13 hours after this terrible ordeal started.  This a sad situation any place, but it sure shook up this nice little town.  Pastor let me pitch my tent behind his church.
First picture is four great people.  Barb is this dynamite lady I fell love with, Anne, Larry, and Matt were nothing short of great hosts that I really enjoyed being around.  Second pic. is not suppose to be there, but I couldn't get it off and put in the one I wanted. 

Days 221 to 225

Wednesday to Sunday  06/06 to 10/12  Days 221 to 225
Pastor Larry invited me to speak again at his church next Sunday AM and a special PM service.  Spent three days preparing for what I consider a pretty heavy message.  Saturday afternoon I got a very pleasant surprise when Connie from Ness City, Kansas showed up in Alma.  She wasn't far from here on a family thing and decided to see if she could find me and she did.  We had a real nice dinner and she even got a room so she could hear me speak Sunday AM.  What a great surprise.  Sunday both services went well in my opinion and I pray that those in attendance and God felt the same way.
First picture is of a cool building in Alma, Neb. and yet another sunset....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Days 212 to 220

Monday 2/12 to Tuesday 2/20/12  Days  212 to 220
In my last blog I mentioned that I met a pastor who owns a closed motel.  I am still with them.  Pastor Larry and his wife Anne have been very gracious to me.  I have stayed for a few reasons:  Trying to get my knee healed.  Finish my second book, and I get to do some speaking.  The knee is much better, I finally finished book 2 and I got to speak at a church last Sunday and will be speaking twice next Sunday.  It has been hot in Alma, Nebraska, but I have been holed up in a free motel room.  Pretty cool.  Heading north Monday.  First picture is of a cool little statue in a local park that is on the banks of Harlen Reservoir.