Saturday, May 26, 2012

Days 207 to 209

Wednesday to Friday  05/22, 23, 24/12  Days 207 to 209   50 miles  7,617  Total
Wednesday I walked around town for an hour and my knee wasn't happy.  Thursday I packed up and walked out of town heading north.  First 1/2 mile was all up hill and by the time I got to the top I was really struggling.  My knee was sure not ready for hills.  Found a good place to catch a ride and I did everything but dance and found no takers. It is late in the afternoon I have to make up my mind whether to limp on and camp in an open field or walk all the way back into Stockton and stay at the city park.  With visions of some farmer running me out of his field I drag back into town feeling like whipped pup.  Because of the knee I am walking funny and now my foot and hip hurts too.  What a deal.  As always I know tomorrow can be better. Friday I pack up at sun up and go to the main street leaving town and a gal by the name of Christine offers me a ride within 15 minutes of being on the street. This sweet lady gives me a ride to Glade which is very small with no businesses.  As I am walking across the street Jerry pulls up and offers me a ride to Phillipsburg.  Jerry is a crusty old bugger like me and we had a nice ride before he drops me off on the east side of town.  I walk through town and put my thumb out on the west side and after 15 minutes, Preston gives a ride right to a RV Park in Alma, Neb.  Preston is from Oklahoma on his way to South Dakota for the weekend.  Thursday I couldn't catch a ride to save me and Friday it is the total opposite.  Three nice people and a good dose of patience.  First pictures is of my last sunset in Kansas and second is of a bison telling me it is time to move on.

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