Monday, April 29, 2019

It has been almost five years...

The last time I posted a blog was in August of 2014.  That blog was to let everyone who had followed me on my journey know that I was married.  Well I am still married to Teri, the same wonderful lady.  Since then we have gone down a road with lots of curves and bumps.  We traveled through 31 states and a bit of Canada.  Much of that traveling included taking two horses with us and trail riding in some pretty amazing remote country.  We stopped for two years to help Teri's mom get her health back and get her businesses on track.  Now we are starting a new chapter in our lives and it involves walking4kids, so that is why I am going to start posting now and then.

On April 27th we delivered the last of Teri's horses to a buyer in Lake Tahoe. Giving up her horses and all of her gear that she had accumilated for the last 30 years was very hard for her. She did it because she was very comfortable with the fact that God had a new phase in her life and it was obvious that horses didn't fit. So, what are we going to being doing that merits giving up her passion for horses??

From now until Mid July we are going to be camping in remote locations in the West.  We will be doing a lot of reading, writing , and reflecting. We will also be visiting some family and then in July I start the process of getting a new left knee (had the right one replaced last year).   As soon as the doctor gives us the green light then we will head for Florida to visit Teri's son and then leave for Kenya.  We will be working with the development of a new orphanage and will be there for six to nine months.

I will be posting as we go down this new road and I hope some of you who joined me before will do so again. Would love to hear from you if received this. The picture is of our current camp site. Blessing from Dave and Teri