Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Days 212 to 220

Monday 2/12 to Tuesday 2/20/12  Days  212 to 220
In my last blog I mentioned that I met a pastor who owns a closed motel.  I am still with them.  Pastor Larry and his wife Anne have been very gracious to me.  I have stayed for a few reasons:  Trying to get my knee healed.  Finish my second book, and I get to do some speaking.  The knee is much better, I finally finished book 2 and I got to speak at a church last Sunday and will be speaking twice next Sunday.  It has been hot in Alma, Nebraska, but I have been holed up in a free motel room.  Pretty cool.  Heading north Monday.  First picture is of a cool little statue in a local park that is on the banks of Harlen Reservoir.

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