Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Days 240 to 242

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  06/25 to 27/12  Days 240 to 242  365 miles 8,394 Total
Monday I did an interview with Tom at Lusk, Wyoming Herald.  After several hot hours got a ride to New Castle were I put my bed roll out under a buggy tree.  Tuesday caught a interesting ride with Jerimie to Belle Forche, SD.  Tried for rest of day to get a ride to no avail.  106 temps. about did me in.  Wednesday got a ride to Belfield, ND from Brian, a traveling salesman.  Tried to sign me up.  Didn't like Belfield and in the late afternoon, Pat and her three grand kids gave me a ride to Buffalo Gap Campground in western ND.  Great lady with three grand kids that give her a pretty tough time.
Heat has been hard on this old bugger.  First picture is of the Painted Hills of North Dakota.  Second is of Pat and her three grand kids, Carson, Morgan, and Marley.

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