Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 228

Wednesday  06/13/12  Day 228  20 miles  7,933  Total
Pastor Don gave me a ride to the outskirts of Alliance.  A town still reeling from the tragedy the day before.  After several hours, David a retired police chief from Hemingford rescues me from the heat and gives me a ride to that small charming town.  As we are pulling into town he sees the current police chief and introduces me and that chief tells me I can put my tent up at the fair grounds.  As I am walking around the fair grounds I meet John who is there checking some utilities.  Few minutes later I meet two ladies that work at the fair grounds.  They show me a great place to put my tent up and unlock the restrooms that are complete with showers.  As I am starting to put my tent up, Aaron, a report for the Ledger shows up to do an interview, as John had called him.  After the interview Aaron shows me around town and then takes me to his office to get me an extension cord.  After I get all set up I go have some dinner and blog and when I get back there is a box in my tent with all kinds of goodies in it, but I don't know who brought it.  I think it was John.  I can't believe how I could meet so many nice people in such a short period of time.  God and these people are so amazing.  First picture is of Rachelle and Witney.  Two real nice ladies from the fair grounds.  Rachelle and her husband Greg even came and visited me that evening.  Second picture is of some Llamas checking me out near Bridgeport.

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