Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Days 238 & 239

Saturday & Sunday  06/23, 24/12  Days 238, 239  54 miles  8,029  Total
Sat. morning I tried to get a ride out of Ft. Robinson and gave up after a few hours and decided to head out into the country.  It is hot and I have limited water and I know I can't make to the next town on foot.  I will only go so far and head back the next day if I don't get a ride.  Walk several miles until the knee says no more.  About three o'clock, Kim, a Man from Michigan gives me a ride to Lusk, Wy.  Interesting guy dealing with a lot of issues.  He sure saved my bacon.  Went to a community church service in the city park Sunday. Didn't meet anyone Sunday, but did meet some real cool people Sat. First picture is of a long horn bull and a few of his friends.  They were on one side of the road and on the other was a small herd of donkeys and and a larger herd of bison, but I couldn't get close to them.  Second is of 84 year old John, aka Cowboy.  He probably had more personal stories of the true west than anyone I have met so far. Try to make it to New Castle tomorrow.

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