Thursday, January 10, 2013

01/10/13 Day 439

01/10/13  Day 439  12,529 miles

My blogger program is not cooperating so I am posting a photo from last year of my little buddy Noah when he was helping with worship a Cowboy Church in Abilene.  Last year Noah's family rescued me from spending the holidays in my tent and they invited me back for this year.  It has been great being with them again.  They are a  special family.  In a few days I will head for Dublin, Texas and then back to Kansas.  I have one more speaking engagement there in Feb. and then will be going home to Oregon for a few days before catching a flight to The Southern Sudan.  I will be working with an orphanage there for two months before coming home for a few more days and then on to Alaska where I have a job for the summer.  God blessed me with meeting a very nice lady in Bazine, Kansas who after hearing what I was doing up and gave me a car.  Yes she gave me a car.  It's a little long in the tooth, just like me, but I hope to drive it all the way to Alaska and back.  Her name is Wanda and God just used her to fit everything together for this year.  Happy new year everyone.