Beggarman Bob

Appearances can be deceiving ...

What is the mystery behind this shy, humble man who spends his summers in Montana and his winters in Arizona? Why is his past such a secret? Who, or what, is he hiding from? How can this mysterious man give so much to so many people, and yet put everything he owns in his back pack?

Armed with a handful of cryptic notes found in an old worn Bible, Lily Fields and her son, Jacob, set out to connect the dots and knit together the life that he went to such extremes to keep hidden from them. As they do, they also discover the remarkable legacy of a man known to many as simply Bob.

Join Lily and Jacob as they hunt for answers to their question about Bob…and maybe learn a little about yourself in the process.

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Reader's Reviews:
  • "I loved the book! Could hardly put it down but had to work! It made me cry in several places and I thought it was very good.  Thanks."  Susanne from Bandon, OR
  • "...I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed "Beggarman Bob".  It was cleverly organized and the characters were intriguing and reliable, I thought.  I read the whole thing in 3 mornings before work and hated to put it down each day.  You have a knack for story telling.   I really enjoyed your book, Dave, and I hope to read more some day.  Thanks."  Dale from The Dalles, OR