Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 3

Sat. 10-29-11:  This, by and large, was a pretty tough day.  I walked uphill to the outskirts of Brookings, OR, and after four hours of trying, I got a ride from a Indian named Wally.  (He called himself an Indian, not a native American).  Very nice man.  We had a good conversation about family, and he ended up taking me all the way into Cresent City, CA which was about 16 miles out of his way.  I walked through Cresent City and after 3 or 4 hours of trying to get a ride, I found a secluded spot and layed up for the night.  I couldn't set up my tent, but the sky was grand.  I will try to make it to Redwood Valley tomorrow.  Isn't God amazing?
26 miles  177 total

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 2

Friday, 10/1/2011:  I left my very pleasant beach front property and head south with my new friend....  a little red bike trailer.  The first three miles was all up hill.  I just knew that around the next bend the road would start going downhill or at least be level.  It seems like that first three miles was going to take forever.  I walked another 3 or 4 miles, most of which was downhill, and by this time the knees and my feet were talking to me, so I decided to put the thumb out.  After about forty minutes, a big, burly guy by the name of Bart offered me a ride to within a couple of miles of Brookings, where I had a appointment with a reporter from The Pilot newspaper.  Instead of dropping me off at his turnoff, he took me to the front door of The Pilot.  When he was helping me unload the little bike trailer, it shifted on us and he ended up putting a nice little gash in his hand and broke his watch.  I felt really bad about that, but it didn't bother him any.  Had a nice interview with Lorna and when I asked her if she could point me toward a place to camp, and maybe a place to grab a bite, she said she was new to the area and took me up to ask some other reporters.  Ten minutes later, Jeff lined me up with dinner at Zola's and Steve had me a place to camp at a RV park right on the beach, with hot showers and the everything.  To top it off, Steve drove me down to the RV Park and the restaurant.  Before he would let me leave he gave me the last $11 he had in his wallet and then went back to his office to write a story.  It is almost 6 PM on a Friday night and these wonderful people are going to all of this trouble for me.  God is so good for putting all of these great folks in my path.  I will hopefully catch up with day 3 and 4 tomorrow, as on day 5 I head east.  God bless all of you.  28 miles  151 total

Day 1

It has been said that the start of a journey always starts with the first step.  My first step was somewhat shaky.  It is Thursday 10-27-2011 and I have packed and repacked my backpack three times to try and get the weight down so that it is feasible to carry it around for a couple of years.  After leaving behind many things that I had classified as important for this trip, it was still very heavy.  I decided to give it a go and get on with this long-awaited first step, I was getting ready to lock up the door to this wonderful place that I had called home for the last 14 months, but who should pull into the driveway but my trusty friend and landlord, Lura.  She was killing time before a doctors appointment and had stop to see how much of a mess I left.  To her surprise, I was still there.  Lura ended up giving me a ride all the way to Bandon.  We said our second good byes and I started my little walk.  1/2 mile later I took that way-too-heavy of a backpack off and called my friend, Pidd, to offer her lunch and ask her for a favor.  Pidd came to my rescue and we had lunch and then ended up driving north to Coos Bay, where I purchased a little trailer that is normally used to pull behind a bicycle, and a different tent as I had jettisoned my other tent to lighten my load.  Pidd then took me back to her place in Bandon where we put the new bike trailer together and then she drove me all the way to Gold Beach.  I camped on the beach there with the stars shining overhead and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.  That was my first day.  I am writing this from a friend's house in Redwood Valley, Ca. on my fourth day, as it was not in the cards to post before now.  123 miles today which includes some detours.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All the makings of a very good week.

Sunday I got to spend some incredible time with some very special people from my church.  They gave me an amazing send off.  Monday did an interview with local paper and besides doing a story the owner has asked me to do a weekly column while I am on the road.  Tuesday got to have lunch with two very special co-workers.  Did an interview with Coos Bay paper (The World) for a story that will probably come out Wed. Had dinner with a wonderful family that have been so kind to me it hurts sometimes. With a lot of help the book is now available on this web site.  Wednesday I will finish packing my way to heavy  backpack and clean up my soon to be former home.  Thursday I will take my first physical steps on a journey that I pray will be most amazing.  The next blog will be from somewhere on the Oregon Coast.  You are great for reading this. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Goodbyes and Patience

I am in Portland saying goodbye to my kids.  It is so good to see them, however, I find myself feeling sad that I don't know when I will see them again.  Thanks to to blogs, emails, texting, and phone calls I will be able stay close to them, even if the physical distance will be far.  I found out a few days ago that my printed books will not arrive around the 20th.  They won't be delivered until the week after.  Another delay in the departure date.  My patience is taxed less when I simply give it over to God and remain flexible and go with His flow and not mine.  Hope to take my first big step around the 27th or 28th.  Thanks for reading this.  Dave

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shooting for the 22nd

I ended up going with two printers for the book for some boring reasons.  Today I ordered final proof from one and first proof from the other. Should have both back in less than a week.  After I approve the first one I am ordering books and should have them approximately 10-20-11.  I say all of that to just to say I can't wait till they get here and then I am hitting the road.  Headed south for a few hundred miles then east through the Sierras.  Hope to be in Bishop, Ca. by 10-29 and through Death Valley by the first week of Nov. If you have anyone you would like me say hi to on the way, e-mail me at walking4kids  at  Thanks for reading this.  Dave