Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 94

Monday 01/30/12  Day 94  40 miles   3,072 total
Today is my daughter Anna's birthday and my moving on day.  Tough day for me as I'm not there for my daughter and I am leaving some very special people.  Malinda and I go to breakfast and then head east.  We explore small towns and make our way to Meridian.  This is a cool little town of less than 2,000.  Malinda even likes it.  She takes me to the sheriff and police departments and asks them to keep a eye out for me and then we go to the paper and make a appointment with them for tomorrow.  Find the city owned RV park and unload my cart and say goodbye.  This was not a normal goodbye for me, in fact it was hard.  Malinda, her son Sam, and her friend Jennifer mean a great deal to me and I truly thank God for blessing me with their kindness and friendship. Picture is of my good and dear friend in Hico, Texas.  Thank you, Malinda for believing in me.

Days 92 & 93

Sat. / Sun.  01/28, 29   days 92 & 93  zero miles
Malinda convinced me that leaving Monday instead of today was a much sounder plan.  Malinda has developed very good persuasion  skills to prove her point.  Might have something to do with being a police officer and a woman. Was able to build a little bit Sat. and went to a Assembly of God church Sunday.  Sunday evening had dinner with Jen and her husband Michael, son Nathanael, and daughter Emma.  Great food and conversation.  When Jen explained to her kids what I was doing, Emma gave me $3.02 out of her piggy bank to help some other kids.  She really wanted to do it or I wouldn't have taken it.  Cool thing is, she felt very good about helping another little kid in a dif. part of the world. Head east for sure tomorrow.  Sure going to miss all of these people. First picture is in Hico where the left handed Billy the Kid supposedly died of old age.  The real reason for the picture is that I am left handed.  Second is of Sam showing me some moves on a park stage.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Days 90 & 91

Thursday, Friday  01/26, 27    Days 90 & 91 zero miles
Well I have been out here for three months.  Many didn't think I would make it this long.  I must admit I had my doubts at times.  Thursday I did a lot of internet stuff and fixed a few things.  Still waiting for possibilities in Ft. Worth.  Friday Malinda and I took her friend Jennifer to Mineral Wells for a dreaded root canal.  As soon as she was done with her fun in the dentist chair we went to the Mineral Wells Index and I did an interview that Malinda had lined up. Went to lunch at a outstanding Chinese buffet and while we eating lunch Jen and Malinda decided I needed to take advantage of Jen's place of employment.  She is a far out medical type person and she takes me to were she works and her partner does a echo casrdiogram to see how the old ticker is doing and then does a cardioid ultrasound to see if any blood is getting to what ever is left of the brains.  Her Dr. is going to check the results out Monday, but from what they could see, I am good to go.  $2,000 worth of testing for free.  It was so kind of her to do this for me.  Besides that she is a hoot. Got back to Dublin in time to pick up Sam and then we ended up going to a church to see the movie Courageous. What a blessing that was, however, it made me wish I had been a much better dad and husband.  Struggling with leaving tomorrow.  These are very special people and have grown very fond of them.  I know, I got mushy over my family in Anson too.  First pic is me setting on the steps of the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells.  It has been closed along time.  In it day it hosted a lot of famous people including Judy Garland.  Big dog is Cevier, who followed me ever where when I was working on Malinda's home and second is of Ace. Ace is one of nine pups born to there rottweiler, who wasn't suppose to be able to have pups, with Ceivier, a mastiff, as pop.  Longing forward to seeing Ace grow into to some kind of lumbering monster.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days 87, 88, 89

Days 87, 88, 89 Mon., Tues., Wed. 01/23,24,25/12  zero miles
It is Wednesday and I am still in Dublin.  Malinda and her son Sam have been amazing hosts.  I was able to do a little nail pounding the last two days to make me feel better about hanging out here for so long.  Main reason besides the weather being pretty crazy is that David, Malinda's husband, is trying to line up some engagements in Ft. Worth.  He has contacted several people and is waiting to hear back from them.  If that comes to pass I will head for Ft. Worth, and if not I will continue on toward Waco.  Hope you all are doing well.
First pic is of flooding trying to wash out their driveway.  Second is of my first ride in Dublin.  Second time in a police rig in one week. The police are turning out to be very good allies. Third is Malinda and Sam, two great people.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 86

Day 86  Sunday  01/22/12 
Malinda has to work so I follow Jen, a friend of hers, to Cottonwood Church a few miles east of town.  Meet Mike Fritscher, the pastor, right away and he takes us to David's SS class.  David is a awesome teacher and he also has three young men there that just came off the mission field share about their experiences. Carl was in Brazil working with tribes on the Amazon. Clayton had just spent a week in Haiti, and Jason and his wife are home for a short time before returning to Indonesia.  Church service is in a brand new sanctuary that was just recently completed and it was very good.  Really liked the worship and the message.  Pastor Mike preached on the What and the How to Pray out of Mathew 6.  Got a lot out of it, but what really stuck with me is this...we should always be praying that God's priorities are our priorities.  At the end of the service Pastor Mike introduced me to the congregation and I got to meet and talk to a lot of nice folks after the service.  The rest of the day was great.  Malinda and her son Sam helped me with a bunch of techno stuff.  Looks like I might be doing a youtube thing, finally  have music on my mp3, and hopefully be able to put the interview with the internet radio station out of Abilene on my web site and maybe facebook.  Coming to Dublin has been one blessing after another. First pic is of Church sancuary about 10 minutes before it all most filled up.  Second is a corner lot that was a mess for many years before five older people took it on there own to make it attractive and they did an  amazing job. Their actions started more improvement projects through out this neat little town.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 85

Day 85  Saturday   01/21012  20 miles 3,032 total
(Friday, day 84 was spent taking it easy on Lake Proctor.)  Sat. morning broke  camp and headed for Dublin.  Was told that it was a neat little town and worth me going off track a little bit to see.  Want to go to church there, so waited until today to head that way.  Walked about two miles when Beverly stops to see if I wanted a ride.  Very interesting, energetic woman.  Only had a 20 minute ride, but it was a good one.  She was interested in the journey and also introduced me to geocaching.  I haven't explored it yet.  Some of you might know about it and give me some pointers.  Beverly dropped me off at city park and I call a number about the RV Park.  The # is the police department.  Dispatcher doesn't know regs. so sends a officer over to talk to me.  Officer turns out to be a lady and she informs me that only RVs can use the park and that they don't have a place for tramps like me.  Just kidding, she didn't say that.  They really don't have any place I can put up my tent legally in Dublin.  She runs a check on me and then blows my socks off by saying she has a hung yard and I can set up at her place.  Can you believe that?  She gets off at four and I am to met her at her place after she gets off work.  I head into town because I wanted to see the Ben Hogan Museum that I had read about.  Ben Hogan was and still is a legend in the world of golf.  When I get there I meet one of the directors.  Her name is Karen and we had a wonderful conversation for well over an hour.  We had such a good time and I really hope we stay in contact with each other.  Check out couple other museums and head for the policewoman's house.  Malinda is one of those tough tell it like it is people.  She spent 15 years on the PD of Forth Worth, SWAT trained, three years undercover and as nice as they come.  She loves the Lord and has this big heart and three big dogs and a 13 year old son and a great husband who is still on the Ft. Worth PD.  She is working for Dublin and they are buying a home and planning for retirement and raising their son in a community they like a lot better than the big city.  She ends up giving me my own bedroom and God blessed me again.  Tons more about these great people in the book. What a amazing day!!! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 83

Day 83 Thursday  01/19/12   6 miles    3,012 total
Moven on day.  Before I could leave, Lance from the paper stops by to see if I need a ride.  End up going with him to feed some cattle and in the process some friends of Lance's donate to the kids.  Thanks Darrell and Jill.  Lance takes me to a camp ground on Lake Proctor and I set up camp.  Lance is a really good guy and I have had a real good time with him the last two days.  His kindness and generosity are amazing. First pic is of sunset on the lake and second is of Woody Ormby.  Woody has been working at the newspaper since 1946 and still going strong.  He is the nicest man and we had a great conversation together.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Days 81 and 82

Days 81 & 82  01/17 & 18/12  Tuesday & Wednesday
There is so much to write about the last two days. I am going to be brief for fear of it being to long.  Yesterday I went searching for a place that could possibly weld my broken handle.  After several stops, Doug Martin of Doug's Auto Repair fixed me up and wouldn't take a penny.  Weldon Hall who owns the RV Park that I am staying at for free lent me some tools and a piece of paneling and I was able to fix my little cart better than ever.  Was going to head out today but decide to try for an interview.  Called the paper and about a hour later Lance shows up.  His family has owned the Comanche Chief since 1920.  We got to talking and he found out I loved ranches and he said if I have the time he would show me around.  I said you bet and off we went for a six hour tour.  His family has a very nice ranch south of town, part ownership in a winery, a vinyard, and he lives in this beautiful Victorian home with his wife and four kids.  I got to see it all. I will show pictures instead of writing a long blog. Also because of Joyce, Bill, Kerry, Carl, Lance, and Brandon who works with Weldon I will be able to send some more funds to the kids. First picture is of Lance by their pool.  Second in their vinyard. Third is part of their ranch.  Forth is a deer hunting blind.  About a hundred yards away is a feeder that automaticly emites corn at spcefic times.  It also has a motion detection camera that takes pics. of everything that goes by.  There are so many deer here that with a license you are allow up to two bucks and two does per year.  These Texans love their hunting.  Headed for Dublin tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 80

Monday  01/16/12  Day 80    90 miles  3,006 total
Today I go over the 3,000 mile mark.  I had a real good night.  Stars, moon, wild pigs and all.  Wake up early and watch a real nice sunrise.  Take my time, read and head out.  Walk about a mile to a good spot to catch ride to Cisco.  All my batteries are low and I need to blog.  Wait close to three hours before I had my first encounter of the trip with the law.  Deputy Sheriff Kerry Beal pulls up and asks me what I am up to????  I tell him and give him a card.  He asks for some ID and I show him my drivers lic.  He runs a check and to some of your amazement, I am clean.  Come to find out that a concerned citizen of Brekenridge was concerned about me being in the area.  All I was doing was trying to get a ride.  Kerry is a very nice man and was just doing his job and that job was to make sure I got a ride out of the area.  He made several calls and finally his Pastor, Dennis Hall said he would get me to Cisco.  Kerry took me back into town and insisted on buying me a cheeseburger and had the clerk give me the change from a $20.  He went back to work and I waited until Dennis picked me up. I think he might have felt bad about the whole deal.  Pastor Dennis picks me up and we head for Cisco.  He is a nice guy and his church is rocking.  When ever a church is performing baptisms on a regular basis.  That is great.  Dennis drives me all over Cisco to try and find a place to put my tent and we finally give up and I have him drop me off at an intersection.  It doesn't take long for me to decide to head for Rising Star.  In less than 30 minutes, Michael a oil industry guy picks me up and takes me to Rising Star and he also drives me all over to find a place for tent.  We give up and I have him drop me off in the center of town.  Hang out for about an hour and head east to try and find a place in the country to pitch by beat up old tent.  Just walking down the road and a young guy, also named Michael, stops to see if I want a ride.  He is headed for Comanche and I say that would be great.  When I was putting my cart in the back of his pickup, my handle brakes.  Now have a real problem.  We drive into Comanche and like Dennis and the other Michael we drive all over trying to find a RV park that will take a tent.  Just before dark we find a little park with no facilities and I call the number and Weldon, the owner tells to go ahead and set up.  Try to give Micheal some money, but he won"t take it. What a day.  I am beat and it is not cold and hit the sack early.  Sorry this was so long.  I hope you get book two to learn more about this day. 

Day 79

Sunday  01/15/12  one mile  2,916 total
Decided not to hang around this park.  Normally I would stay to try and get an interview, but tomorrow is MLK day and I just don't feel comfortable here.  Pack everything up and go to a very nice church a few blocks away.  Beautiful building that will seat well over 300.  Have coffee with a few people before the service.  There were about 35 people in attendance and the pastor gave a brief sermon on our calling.  A few people shake my hand and wish me well.  No one really had an interest in me or what I was doing. Time for me to leave Brenkenridge.  Walked south for about a mile and came across a nice grassy spot by the road and made a p&j sandwich.  I just finished the sandwich when a lady and a young man that I assumed was her son pull up.  They had seen me walking and went and prepared me a very nice sack lunch for me.  Lisa and Jacob were just what I needed.  They were so nice and I was tired and a little down.  I was missing my family and friends in Oregon and my adopted family in Anson and by these people stopping it really lifted my spirits.  Didn't get much sleep the night before so decided to roll my bedroll out.  Edited what I have written in book 2 and had a nice Sunday afternoon. Did a little exploring and found a lot of signs that wild pigs had been in the area.  Not to worried, will listen for them as I enjoy the stars. Picture of sign is on the out skirts of Albany.  I need to remember to take more pictures.

Day 78

Saturday 01/14/12  Day 78 25 miles 2,915 total
Stayed in my tent yesterday and wrote.  Didn't feel good so used the writing as an excuse.  Walked east for awhile and decided to try and get a ride.  Didn't even have my sign out before a sweet little lady stopped to give me $2.00.  Want to get to Brekenridge and set up so I can go to church tomorrow.  After only a few minutes, Tony a electrical contractor from Abilene gives me a ride to Brekenridge and also buys me a sandwich.  I like Tony and I hope he will stay in touch.  He drops me off at the only RV park in town.  No one there so I call a posted number to find out that they can't accommodate me, but tell me there is a city  park a few blocks away that I can set up in.  I find the park and set up in a fairly secluded spot.  As I was walking through the park ended up meeting Carl from Albany.  He was there with his family.  We talked awhile and as I was leaving he made me take $18.00.  Another nice person.  After I set up I went to explore the town.  Got back a few hours later to find that some kids had used my tent to throw rocks at.  Tore up one side pretty bad and made a mess inside.  Amazing thing is, they didn't steal anything.  Grateful and bummed at the same time.  That night there was a lot of kids running around, making noise and doing Saturday night kid stuff.  Didn't get much sleep and learned not to set up in a city park, especially on a Saturday night.  Picture of county court house and one of seveal murals in town.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 76

Thursday  01/12/12  Day 76  35 miles,  2,890 total
Moving on day.  Went to the Cason's to take them a couple books and pick up copies of my radio interview that Joyce burned for me.  Bill took me over to Ron and Phyllis Parks so that Ron could download onto a thumb drive a series of lessons for me.  Ron taught at their church Wednesday night Bible study and it was excellent.  Took Evelyn to it last night and she plans on returning.  Evelyn gave me a ride to Albany.  I will never be good at saying goodbye to people I really care for and today was no exception.  It was hard and I miss them.  Ended up setting my tent up east of Albany and got back out here to more good old Texas wind and cold weather.  Headed east, but going to spend some time putting all that has happened the last month into book 2.  What a month.  First picture is of court house in Albany and second speaks for it's self.  God Bless, everybody.

Day 77

Day 77  01/11/12 
It is Wednesday night and my time with the Camacho family is coming to an end.  I hit the road tomorrow.  The following is a brief recap of the last week or so.  Got all the little projects done at my adopted ranch.  Went to a little Church of Christ in Nugent last Sunday.  Nugent is so small that has zero businesses.  My host family was not feeling well, so went by myself.  Did not know what to expect at this little church, but it could not have turned out better.  They had a real good Sunday school class and a I enjoyed the message by pastor Paul.  These people really welcomed me and ended up going to lunch at the Bill and Joyce Cason home.  Had a great Texas lunch with Bill and Joyce, their daughter Jeanne and her son Daniel.  Great family and  we had a good afternoon together.  Because of them I met Ricky Russ.  Ricky is the station manager for ICRFM.org, which is a Christian country internet radio station.  He ended up interviewing me and it turned out very good.  He will let me know when it airs. Ricky was very kind and generious to me and I really appreciate him and his ministry. Check out his station ICRFM.org and his web site, Rickyrush.net.  Him and his band travel all over the country doing concerts. His station covers all of America, Europe, and Australia.  Very excited about how that turns out.  He gave me a copy of the interview and suggested I put it on my web page, if I can only figure out how to do that???

 I have really grown attached to this very loving and caring family.  They have done many thinks for me, but the most important is that they made me feel at home and they made me feel like family.  I will always cherish this time with them.  The first picture is Afton and her mom Evelyn with Noah at new years eve party at Cowboy Church in Abilene. Second is of Noah and my little home.  Third is of Guyla and I don't think she was happy I took this, and then Noah again, AKA Shooter, Bubba, Squirt.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 69

01/04/12  Day 69 zero miles 2,855 Total
Well I am still with my adopted family.  I was pretty sure I would be in Louisiana by now.  Many wonderful things have happened since I have been here and I will always remember all of these people and this country.  Got to spend Christmas with two very special families and New Years eve at a church in Abilene.  This family has this wonderful little ranch with a ton of need fixing things to do.  Built a tack room for them and now I am working on a dock for their little fishing pond. This has been such a fantastic respite for me.  I have enjoyed being here a great deal.  Going to miss all of these people.  Because of the generosity of the church I spoke at I am able to send off another $300 to the kids. I don't know how much weight I had loss before I got here, but I am real sure I have gained it all back.  I have been so spoiled by being with these people.  Will have to toughen up when I get back on the road.  Happy New Year everyone.