Thursday, July 5, 2012

Days 248 & 249

Tuesday & Wednesday  07/03, 04/12  Days 248 & 249  121 miles  8,518   Total
After several hot hours of trying to get out of Circle, Mt.  Rob a civil engineer offered me a ride to Miles City.  What a blessing.  Very interesting ride as Rob has a very good understanding of what is going on in our country politically and economically.  Rob drove me all over Miles City to try and find a place to pitch my tent.  Finally ended up at a KOA campground.  They are kind of expensive so I have never stayed at one.  Didn't really have a choice and Rob very generously paid for my first night.  Nice young man and I hope he stays in touch.  Fourth of July was great here.  They had a very good parade and huge pick nick in the park afterwards with music until they did an outstanding fireworks display.  First picture is of a 11 year old little gal who did a outstanding job of singing Amazing Grace.  Second is of a downtown Presbyterian Church.

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