Monday, April 30, 2012

Days 181 - 183

Thursday, Friday, Saturday   04/26, 27, 28/12
It was great to stay at Marilyn and Bill's last night.  It was very nice of them to reach out to me.  Walked to Cuppa Joe for a wonderful breakfast of biscuits and gravy and then went to Connie's sisters office.  Deb and her brother Pat run a company that is involved in the oil industry.  I had met Deb the day before and she introduces me to Pat.  Deb had asked Pat to take the greenhorn from Oregon out to see a drilling rig and that is what we did.  Pat takes me to several places, finish with a long visit to an operating oil well drilling rig.  I was like a little kid the first time he goes to Disneyland.  They have a four man crew and these guys rock and roll.  I was impressed.  Had a great time with Pat and later  Connie helped me move my stuff into Rosalie's guest house.  I don't know how to act.  What a kind gesture.  I am going to hit book 2 hard while I am here.  Friday I worked on the book and got to play pinochle with Connie and Rosalie.  What a kick.... I haven't played pinochle in many years.  Saturday was book 2 and a little golf on TV.  First picture is of the Roughnecks that I got to watch.  These guys are amazing.  The small mountain on the right is Toby and he runs this crew. Pat and Toby taught me a lot of things about the oil industry that I had no clue about.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 180

Wednesday  04/25/12  Day 180
I survived the high winds last night.  Packed my small back pack and head into town.  I know the library opens at 10, so I stop at Cuppa Joe to have coffee as it is only 9.  Walk in with back pack on and this cool lady with a bandanna on says something along the lines of  "What are you up to?"  with a great smile on her kind looking face.  So I told her and it a very short period of time I have been given a new friend by the name of Connie. There is so much that happened today, if I wrote it all down it would be a very long blog.  I will just write the high lights.... Hung out at Cuppa Joe enjoying great food and company.  Marilyn invites me to stay with her and her husband Bill's home.  Crystal does a nice interview at the paper.  Connie meets me at my tent and hauls all my stuff to Marilyn's.  Dinner with Connie and her mother Rosalie and some other friends and relatives. Rosalie offers me her guest home for as long I want it.  Connie shows be around Ness City, then we join Bill and Marilyn for cards.  What a fun and amazing day. I just left Jetmore where I was totally blessed.  I almost feel guilty because the same thing is happening in Ness City.  Thank  you Lord for letting me meet these people. First picture is of Jackie, Sandy, Connie, & Marilyn at Cuppa Joe.  Second is of Melvin and a typical lunch at this delightful little place. 

Days 178, 179

Monday & Tuesday  04/23, 24/12  Days 178, 179    25 miles  7,356 total
I hung out a lot today with Jacque at the library.  She taught me how to get around in Pinterest.  This is a very interesting site where I will be posting pictures from the journey.  Dennis and I went to Alison and Gus's very nice home and had a wonderful supper on their deck.  Alison and Gus are very nice and interesting people and I was glad I got to hang with them a few times.  Tuesday I get ready to move on and Scott picks me up at Pastor Dennis's home and takes me to Ness City as the road is not to good for walking.  Said goodbye to Dennis and Jacque today.  These two people sure did a lot for me in the last few days.  I hope I can keep in touch with them.  When we get to Ness City we meet Clyde at his RV Park and he gives me a very good deal on a place to put up my tent.  Before we drop off my gear, Scott takes me to a excellent Mexican restaurant where we meet his wife Sally for dinner.  Scott is a rancher and Sally is a nurse practitioner.  It was great.   Got my tent set up and at 8 pm is was clam and clear.  By 9 the wind was blowing real hard and I had lightning all around me.  It is amazing how crazy the weather can be in this country. First Picture is of Gus and Alison.  Second is of Sally and Scott. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 177

Sunday  04/22/12  Day 177
My day to follow a world class country preacher.  My host and short term roomie is the pastor for two Methodist Churches.  One in Jetmore and the other in Hanston, Kansas.   He delivers a 8am and 11am service at the Jetmore church and a 9:30 at Hanston.  Not only do I get to follow him through this very hectic day, but he has me do a five minute blurb on what my journey is all about in all three services.  We head back to Hanston that evening for a county wide meeting to stratigize a program to pray individually for every person in Hodgeman County.  Amazing undertaking with wonderful potential.  Sweet lady by the name of Eleanor Jarrett is doing the tremendous task of organizing this exciting undertaking.  These two churches donate enough to the kids to feed, clothe, and educate a little guy for a whole year.  First picture is of Pastor Dennis on the steps of Jetmore Methodist Church. This is a church working very hard to make a difference. For example they are sending 18 people to Haiti in Feburary.  Second picture is a Jetmore sunset.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Days 174, 175,176

Thursday, Friday, Saturday  04/19,20,21/12  Days 174, 175, 176
While I was brushing my teeth this morning the wind blew my tent down.  I hope Pastor Dennis's offer to stay at his place is still there.  I pack a few things and head for town.  Jacque opens the library at 10 and that is when she has an appointment for me with Mike from the local paper.  Mike does a nice interview and then invites me to their weekly Lions Club meeting for lunch.  Met everyone and had a nice lunch and after they have their meeting  they give me 15 minutes to share what I am doing, which went very well.  After the meeting Gus, (Alison's husband) took me out to my fallen tent and we load up everything in his pickup and head for Dennis's who I had already confirmed the fact that I could batch with him while his wife was in Boise, Idaho visiting their son's family.  Dennis sets me up in a real nice room and I am in the clover again. Dennis and his wife were in the mission field for 31 years.  I have tons of questions and we have a great dinner and conversation.  Friday had a great lunch with Alison and Gus.  Sat. I got to enjoy men's breakfast with a bunch of nice guys and they let me share the journey and then we work at the church the rest of morning.  Jetmore is a special town of less than 1,000 people and I am enjoying it very much here.
First picture of a Jacque at the library.  What a dear lady.  Second is of the tent the night before the wind flattened it.  Third is of Pastor Dennis and his Buell motor cycle just before he heads out to visit someone in the hospital.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Days 172, 173

Tuesday & Wednesday  04/17,18/12  Days 172 , 173    28 miles 7,331 total
Tuesday I got to do some more exploring, wash clothes, and get ready to leave.  Wed. started the process of getting out of Dodge, which was aided greatly by Pat.  Pat is a WWII veteran who gave me a ride to the outskirts of town.  I liked Pat.  Walked for about three miles headed west toward hwy 283 when a Ford County deputy sheriff stops to check me out.  He ends up giving me a ride to the Ford/Hodgeman county line which is a long way out in the boonies with hardly any shoulder to walk on.  As we were unloading my gear, Neil a Hodgeman county deputy pulls up and gives me a ride to Jetmore.  He even calls a friend and finds me a place to put my tent.  He also donated to the kids.  I know these guys have a job to do by keeping an eye on shady looking characters like me, but these two fellows went a long way out of their way to help me and I really appreciate them and what they do for our safety.  Set up my tent and walked about a mile into town to check it out and get something to eat.  First place I stopped at was the library were I met Jacque.  This lady turns into a real supporter and in no time lines me up with Alison who takes me to a ministerial association meeting where I talked to four pastors.  One of those pastors is Dennis and I am staying at his place the rest of the week.  This all happened before I had even had a chance to get something to eat.  There is so much more but I am trying to be brief. Jacque also lines some appointments up for the next day.
First picture is of Wyatt Earp, notice the hog leg he is carring.  Only reason for the second is because behind the camera taking the pic. is two policeman and two patrol cars out in the great expanses of Kansas.  Third is of officer Neil who is also a firefighter/EMT.  This is the type of guy I would want on my side a serious dog fight. Thank you Lord for a great day....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Days 168 to 171

Friday to Monday  04/13 to 16/12  Days 168 to 171 
I got into Dodge City around 7AM and walked to Watersport Campgrounds.  Dena and Sherri were real nice to me and I set my tent up.  This place has showers, laundry and only about a mile from all the history stuff I want to see.  I do an interview with Don at the local paper, get some food and a shower and crash for the rest of the day.  Sat. walk around a bit and write and read.  Article in paper came out and he did a good job.  Sunday I went to a very old and cool Presbyterian church in down town Dodge.  Bunch of real nice people, but they are really struggling with attendance.  Met a real nice couple and they took me out to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and I loved it.  Bob is a Dr. and his wife Clarice is a teacher for talented and gifted students, K to 4th and their son Bryce is a senior in HS.  After lunch Bob took me sightseeing to some places that I can't get to by walking.  I sure enjoyed these people.  Got my taxes done this afternoon.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  Monday went to a cool little zoo and more roaming.  This town is full of history and they have done a great job of putting it altogether for tourist.  I am not a tourist, I am a sojourner, right? First pic. is real cool sculpture, second is Bob, Clarice,  and Bryce.  Third is a very laid back tiger at the zoo. Oh I forgot to mention I have been dodging tornadoes and wind storm since I got to Dorothy and Toto land.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Days 166 & 167

Wednesday & Thursday  04/11, 12/12  Days 166 & 167  2,345 miles  7,303 total
George dropped me off at the Newport News train station this morning.  It was so good to see him again and I had a very good time with him and his wife Patti.  Hope to see them again someday.  Have not been on a train since the eighties, so I was a little apprehensive.  Turned out to fine.  First layover was in Washington DC, then Chicago  and finally into Dodge City at about 7am Friday.  Felt like I was cheating by jumping on a train.  However, the east coast was not comfortable.  Chose Dodge because of all of it's history.  Excited about what God has on the road ahead.   First pic is the sun rising somewhere in Indiana.  Second is of downtown Chicago, way to many people for this hay seed.  Third is of the the sun rising over Dodge City, just like it use to for Matt, Wyatt, and Doc.

Days 163 to 165

Sunday to Tuesday  04/08, 10/12  Days 163 to 165
Easter Sunday was a great day.  Went to a cool church with George and Patti and had a great dinner with Patti's sister Barbara and her husband Rusty.  Also got to watch the Masters golf tournament.  Monday and Tuesday were prep days as I am getting off the east coast Wed.  I have come to the conclusion that hitchhiking with a cart in such a heavily populated area isn't going to work.  Decided to cheat a little bit and catch a train out of Newport News, Va..  It will take me to DC, Chicago, and drop me off in Dodge City, Kansas Friday morning.  Picture is of my last sunset in Virginia.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Days 156 to 162

Sunday to Saturday 04/01- 07/12  Days 156 to 162
I have been having a very good time at my old army buddies home in Suffolk, Va.  Eating way to good and watching to much golf.  It has been very comfortable, but time to gear up to get back on the road.  Doing some techno changes and also modifying my little cart.  Can't hitchhike in Va. so am working on a alternative plan.  God bless all of you and I hope you have a wonderful Easter.  First pic. is of my dear friends, Patti and George.  Second is of one the many ship yards in this area.  Third is of the Atlantic and I have now officially gone coast to coast.  Head north and west in a few days.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Days 154 & 155

Friday & Saturday  03/30 & 31/12  Days 154 & 155
Friday I have a beautiful home all to my self.  Did not get much done, but sure enjoyed myself.  Saturday I took a long walk around neighborhood.  George and Patti will soon be home from a long, taxing week in Roanoke.  George and I were in the military together and I have not seen him since 1973.  We have been communicating via email for several months and I know he is still the great guy I knew along time ago.  However, I am real nervous about meeting Patti.  I have no idea what she thinks about George dragging a old stray military dog into her home.  I fretted for nothing.  Patti is a sweet heart and makes me feel right at home.  George is the same old George and God has blessed me again. First pic. is of George in front of the first boat built at the now huge Newport News ship building yards.  This 90' tug was built in 1891.  Now they build aircraft carriers.  Second is going from a bridge to a tunnel that goes under the James River.  Kind of cool.

Days 152 & 153

Wednesday & Thursday  03/28, 29/12  Days 152 & 153  307 miles  4,958 total
I get back on the streets to face the same problem as yesterday.  Can't walk forward because of the hwy. and no one wants to pick me up.  High lights for this day.  Two different policeman tell me I can't hitchhike anywhere in the state of Virginia.  I stay put as I have no were to go.  I just don't put my thumb out.  There is a bus out tomorrow and if I don't get a ride I will have to walk back into town and take my first bus ride.  About 4 a man offers me a can of beans.  At 5:30 a man named Ernie makes it all worth while by giving $100 to the kids.  Around 7 PM Matt Foster and his girl friend Shannon show up.  I had talked to Matt a few hours earlier and he told me he was going to try and do something for me and my perdiciment.  Matt and Shannon had bought me a bus ticket, they bought me dinner, and got me a room in a older hotel that was only ten minutes from the bus depot. They also donated $28 to the kids.  I was beat and down and Ernie and these two kids just simply blessed my socks off.  What a kind thing to do for someone they didn't even know.  Thursday I cheat and get on a bus.  It goes to Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham, NC and gets into Suffolk, Va about 10:20.  My friend George and his wife Patti are out of town but told me how get into their home.  David a co-worker of George and Patti picks me up at the depot and take me to the Taylor's very nice home.  I feel like a stray dog at the Ritz.  First pic. is of downtown Greensboro, NC.  Second is 70 MPH in the bus.