Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kansas has sure been good to me.  When I started my journey a year ago I did not plan on setting foot in Kansas at all, let alone twice.  Rick and Deb Stenzel let me help them with their cattle operation and they even paid me for it.  First picture is of a two day old calf and second is how they feed with round bales.  I have not been around a cattle oufit for 47 years and was sure glad Rick and Deb let me hang out with them.  High school football is big in Ness City and their team gave them alot to be proud of.  They went 13 - 0, won state 8 man championship and were ranked # 2 in the nation.  On Jan. 3 Kansas State will have to face the mighty Oregon Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl.  I like Kansas, but I pretty sure they will not know what hit them when the Ducks turn it loose.  Go Ducks!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Dave! I have been wondering where you are and then up pop on facebook! So glad you have a found a good place though Kansas it is not a plaee I would choose either. Right now I woul dgo for warm! God bless you!

  2. Have a Merry Christmas Dave where ever the holidays may lead you. And no Duck stands a chance against a Wild Cat...just sayin'


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