Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 4

I'm writing this on Thursday, 11/03/2001:  Time to catch up.  I am in Moab, Utah, considerably off the scheduled path.  To find out how I ended up here, you will have to read the days in order.  No skipping ahead!

Back to Day 4, Sunday 10/30/2011:  I packed my gear and was on the road fairly early this beautiful Sunday morning.  I had a very large, intimidating hill in my path and put the ol' thumb out fairly early.  I only had to wait about a half hour before a man, by the name of Malachi, picked me up and took me all the way to Laytonville, CA, which is only about 45 miles from my destination.  Malachi would have a very good chance of winning the most talkative man in the world contest.  He had a very strong opinion on everything and only stopped talking to take a breath or light a cigerette.  He's a very nice man and I really appreciated the ride, however, I was only moments away from losing my mind by the time we got to Laytonville.  I had a bite in this nice little town that is surrounded by pot growers.  After about an hour, I got a ride with two guys hauling some lumber for their barn building project on their small cattle ranch in the bay area.  They dropped me off at the Redwood Valley exit and I called Peggy and she came and picked me up.  Peggy is this charming women with a wagon load of degrees and kindness.  Peggy is the my first experience with "couchsurfing," and it proved to be very pleseant.  She had some of her friends over for a dinner party and they all were very nice to me and we had a fun evening.  Thanks to her, I got to enjoy a very nice shower, dinner, conversation, and a comfortable bed.  Thanks Peggy.  234 miles  411 total

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