Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 22

Thursday 11/17/11, Day 22:  zero miles          
Rodeo is a very small “cow town” on the western border of New Mexico.  It is the type of town, that if you were traveling, you would pass through without noticing it at all.  One store/cafe, one tavern, and one gas station that is only open on weekends, a small Catholic Church and an even smaller Baptist Church.  For some reason I have been very attracted to this little town and will spend a few days here.  Today, I met a nice young lady who is staying in a cabin at the place I have my tent set up.  She is working in a program with big horn sheep that is amazing.  Rebekah is her name and she ended up taking me out to one of the areas she is studying and told me all about the project.  Fascinating, but you will have to get book 2 to read the whole story.  Di Ann, the owner of the place I am staying, is also a nice character.  She wants to sell her place and bicycle across the United States.  If you’re interested in owning a business in a place where life is a little slower and people know your name, Google Mt. Valley RV and Cabin in Rodeo, NM.  I’m having real trouble with the Internet here, but getting a lot of writing done. 

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