Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 9

Little red at Church Rock near Monticello, Utah
Friday, 11/4:  I left the Lazy Lizard Hostel and walked until the road got too narrow for my little trailer to be safe.  After about one hour, I got a ride from Dave and Ryan; what a ride this turned out to be.  Both of these men have gone down a pretty rocky road.  They were headed for Monticello, Utah, and before we got half way there, we had established a real good bond.  They are both born again Christians and very zealous.  I won't write everything that happened in the time I was with these guys, but will highlight a little.  Ryan is leaving in the fall of 2012, with his five huskies and a specially built wagon, to walk all the way to Alaska. I hope I am writing more about that in the future.  Ryan also bought me lunch, gave me a blanket, and insisted I take some money.  Dave, besides giving me the ride, introduced me to local newspaper owner, and drove me all the way to Bluff, Utah.  This ended up being over 100 miles out of his way.  They are two special men, and I hope to be able to keep in contact with them in the future.  The owner of a little store in Bluff, UT let me set up my tent behind his place.  It was quiet and protected by trees.  One of the reasons Dave drove me all the way to Bluff, was because it is warmer.  It was real nice to not be cold!  However, about midnight, the wind started and with it came the rain.  It blew real hard for three or four hours, and my little tent survived it's first real test.  I was very pleased with the fact that I had no leaks, even with the high winds.  If it weren't for my pudgy bod and 100 pounds of gear holding it down, that good ol' tent would have joined Dorothy and Toto in Kansas.  Continue south tomorrow. (Sat.)   100 miles  1,567 total

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  1. Sounds like you were blessed! I must say the blogs are very interesting and such a sense of humor! Tell Dorothy and Toto hi for me. Ha! Laughter is good for the bones! Bless You, Susanne


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