Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Days 16, 17, 18, 19

Friday through Monday 11/11 to 11/14 2011:  0 miles, total 2,110
I have had the luxury of a warm bed, great food and company, and even got to see Oregon beat Stanford.  I went over the 6,000 word mark on book 2 and 2,000 page views on the blog.  I got rid of the little red bike trailer on Thursday, along with some gear, in order to "go lighter" and be more mobile.  I saw a women's golf cart in a thrift store and bought it for $5.00.  Jim and I tore it apart and put it back together, and now I am back in the cart business.  I can carry more cooking and "be more comfortable" stuff.  So, now, instead of going down the road looking like I lost my bike as I pulled a bike trailer, I look like a bag man pulling all of his worldly possessions, which is sort of true. Shirley and Jim Belamy have been so gracious to help me out for four days. The pic. is of there beautiful home. They fed me outstanding meals and drove me all over the place.  They are very nice people and this time with them was very beneficial to me.  Thanks, Shirley and Jim.  Bisbee and Douglas tomorrow.... hopefully.

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  1. Dave, ask someone to take a picture of you and put on this blog. Would like to see you with your new conveyance. Best wishes and prayers.


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