Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 13

Tuesday 11/8:  I worry about boring you with posts that are too long, so I am going to try and make this brief.  My thumb was out for close to 7 hours, with no takers.  I was packing it in, to go to the bus depot, when Rene picked me up and took me to Kachina.  I got there right at dark and I thumbed for almost 2 hours with no luck.  I went to a gas station to thaw out, as it had dropped below freezing.  I had a sandwich and told the clerks what I was doing, and asked if they knew of anyone heading south, to let them know about my need for a ride.  While I was standing outside, looking pretty miserable without acting, a little Native American girl brought me a hot chocolate and said,  "I hope this will help keep you warm."  A minute later her brother insisted I take $2.00.  I figured their dad or the clerk said something.  Neither had, they just did it because they saw me standing in the cold.  It almost made me cry, because before this happened I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.  I was very cold and was loosing my voice and it looked like I would be hiding behind a fence for the night in 8" of snow.  Those two little kids made my day.  About 20 minutes later a man and his son said they could get me to Camp Verde if I wanted a ride.  I felt like God just threw me a life preserver in a very rough sea.  Tarrin, and his son, not only gave me a ride to Camp Verde, they insisted on getting me a room.  How cool is that?  I don't know if those two little kids, the clerk at the station, Tarrin and his son, and the clerk at this motel, will ever realize how much their kindness meant to me when I really needed it the most.  I pray that God will bless them in very special ways.  Just a little side note:  The wild bunch from my church called me right after I got into this room and it just so happens that I got my ride at the same time they were praying for me.  They didn't know my need, but God did.  Finally out of Flagstaff; hopefully Sierra Vista tomorrow.  Thank you everyone!  58 miles today with a total 1,848.


  1. I'm so happy to read this post, though parts of it were tough to read! God is so faithful to take care of His own, Dave, even though sometimes it looks like He's forsaken us, He always comes through. I know you know this, but I also realize that when you're in "the thick" of it, it's easy to get discouraged. I pray the road ahead will hold so many miracles for you and that you'll be encouraged, strengthened, and blessed beyond measure! God IS with you my friend!

  2. Dave.....Your posts are anything but boring! How are we going to go along on this journey unless you tell us? Whenever we are obedient to Gods calling there will be some rough patches but it is like a bird pecking out of the shell into a new world. We have to break through the membrain to a new place! That is where you are. Take heart, God is with you ....and you are making a difference> Bless you Susanne PS The weather is getting colder in Bandon and my knees have been talking to me soooooo I'm praying for your knees to be healed! and mine.

  3. Dave what a story!!! Your honesty is wonderful...and for our great GOD to send some children to minister to you! (wonder if they were angels) and all the people around helping out. Bless You, Susanne

  4. I just want to take a moment and add to this wonderful BLOG. I have met many people in my life who are Christian and we talk about Christianity and how cool it would be to be able to help in some way. So we usually end up raking up leaves, cleaning the streets, taking food in to the less fortunate, helping out here and there... But this man that I met last night, not only speaks of Christianity, he is actually LIVING it for 2 years, 12,000 miles. My name is Tarrin and my son and I were the ones who were truly blessed last evening when God led us to Dave. It was our cups that were filled by speaking with Dave and learning of his travels and the wonderful people he has met on his journey and in Uganda. My son had just learned about the "Invisible Kids" of Uganda and they were able to discuss the terrible tragedies that are taking place. What a wonderful gift God put on my plate last night by leading Dave to Turner and I! Dave, you may never have any idea how you touched my life last night, I was sad and you gave me the strength to pull myself up by the bootstraps and go on! I wish you the very best of luck in your travels and hope that if you ever need anything, you will call! God Bless!-- Tarrin (and son)


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