Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 6

Tuesday, 11-1-2011:  I had my thumb out early this morning, as I had two flat tires on my trailer.  I stood beside the road  for over six hours and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a ride.  Finally, Randy picked me up and told me the reason I couldn't get a ride.  About a mile before my intersection was a sign posted by the state telling drivers not to pickup hitchhikers because of a prison near by.  That was funny to me.  It is hard enough to get a ride.  Randy took me to a auto parts store to get patch kit.  He then took me to his house where he had a compressor to fix the tires.  He gave me water, a marine knife, and a ax handle.  He said he wanted me to have these weapons because I was going to be camping in bear country, and the bears were pretty aggressive this time of year.  After that, Randy took me into town and bought me a wonderful Mexican dinner.  After dinner, he drove me 20+ miles into the Sierras.  He is one nice guy and really went out of his way to help me.  I set up camp for the first time in the daylight and it was great!  I saw no bears, however, I learned not to set my tent up in dry leaves as little critters make a racket messing around half the night.  I had a few deer check me out also.  It was a very clear, and cold night.  Six days in and it is going well.  44 miles  698 total

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