Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 28

Wednesday, 11/23/11:  382 miles  2,640 total
I wrote, and sent off, the first article to my local newspaper, and a few others that might pick it up.  I got the thumb out, as it is against the law to walk on freeways.  After about two hours, a car pulled up about 75 feet away and two young girls, Danielle and Jessica, brought me a restaurant prepared Thanksgiving dinner.  How cool is that?  I gave them a card, and hope they keep contact with me down the road.  45 minutes later, Josh pulls up in a very small car.  He tells me he is headed for Dallas, so we cram all my gear in and head out.  He 25 and works on a off-shore rig in the Gulf.  Josh lives in Texas, but was from Louisiana, and has the accent to prove it.  He tells me he has been on vacation in California and is running short on cash, so I give him a few bucks and he takes me all the way to Hobbs, NM.  His brakes on this old car are so bad he has to use his emergency brake several times to get us stopped.  What a ride!  We went through a mountain range and got to see snow, deer, and Josh's first elk.  He is a nice guy and we had a good ride.  This is a picture of him at about 9,000 feet.

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