Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 21

Wednesday 11/16/11, Day 21:  50 miles  2,211 total
It was pretty cold during the night, but the skies were nothing short of amazing.  It was a great star watching night.  My water bottle froze and everything had frost on it.  After the sun came up enough for me to dry everything out, I started walking with my thumb out at the same time.  I was headed for Las Cruces, NM, or anything in between.  After several miles of walking, I finally got a ride about 1:30 PM.  This ride will probably go down as one of the worst.  I needed the ride and am grateful for it, but this man was completely nuts.  He hated everything and everyone.  He went on a tirade for 40 minutes about everything from Vietnam to Pres. Obama to border patrol to everything else he could think of.  He was big into talking about killing people, so I just let him vent.  He drove me into Rodeo, NM.  He offered for me to come out to his place in the boonies; I told him thanks but Rodeo was just right for me.  He hated everyone in Rodeo too.  I had lunch/dinner at a little cafe that was the other half of an even smaller grocery store.  I walked down the road to a RV/Cabin place and the lady who owned it gave a me a spot to put up my tent for $5.00.  After the first night, when she found out what I was doing, she told me if I wanted to stay, the next night was free.  More about Rodeo tomorrow...

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