Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 5

Monday, 10/31/2011:  Peggy gave me a ride to a good intersection.  I did not have to wait too long before a man named Christopher stopped.  His rig was too small for my contraption, but he was determined to make it fit and we did.  He gave me a ride to Nice, CA, and he was indeed nice himself.  He is battling cancer and has a very interesting story that will probably make it to my next book.  He gave me two persimmons, which I had never eaten before, a pomegranate, and some walnuts.  Walnuts are real big in this area.  Peggy, also, gave some food for the road.  Anyway, Christopher was a good guy going thru some tough times.  I had a tough time getting a ride in the Nice area, and I walked a long way and was getting pretty beat.  This was probably the day when I really grabbed ahold of the fact that if I am patient, I will get a good ride.  The road that lay before was the part of Cal. that I least wanted to go through.  It has a tremendous amount of people, traffic, and congestion.  But God sent me a angel in the form of a 71 year old grandmother.  Gaile drove by me and ended turning around, because she said she could not leave me sitting on the side of that lonely old road.  Gaile took me all the way through the Sacramento - Stockton area.  The area I most dreaded was a piece of cake because of my little angel.  We had a good time and she got me all the way to the foothills of the Sierras.  It was kind of funny, in that, we had a such smooth sailing, but when she was dropping me off at the intersection I needed to take the next day, her back door on her Ford Escape would not open.  We ended up taking all of her stuff out and taking my cart apart in the back of her rig in order to get it out.  It was humorous to see two old people in the middle of nowhere trying to unload a cart. Thanks Gaile!   243 miles 654 total


  1. Hi Dad, glad to hear your travels seem to be going well so far!! Boy you really need to find a way to use spellcheck though :) I'm a horrible speller and found several mistakes in the most recent blogs. Also make sure when your blogging that the sentences are complete sentences. Sometimes you leave out an I or a He which was implied by the previous sentence but it would just sound better and be easier to read if you included it. It would be intresting too know what your path looks like or include where you are headed next on your blogs. Also what are the poeple you are meeting saying about what they think of your journey? Take care!! Janet

  2. I'm Excited to see that there are 275 more pageviews on your blog than when a checked it ealier this week! We are all hoping you will have a safe journey! Janet

  3. Dave, you're making great progress on your journey. WTG!! I look forward to reading how you got from Sonora to Moab and hope you catch us up soon. We are living vicariously through you, you know? LOL Have a great day!!

    I, too, have noticed how quickly the page hits are rising. That's so exciting!!

    For Janet, and all who may not have noticed, I added a "Follow Dave's Journey" to the blog. There you will find 2 maps, one that shows where he's going and one that shows where he's been. I will post changes as quickly as I can once I get that information from Dave. God Bless your day! Marilou

  4. Steve, Cathy, Dee and I just got home from Redding last night. We stopped and did some shopping in Medford then went to lunch at the Olive Garden. While we were eating lunch I logged on with my cell phone and read all your blogs. What an adventure!
    We had a great time at Bethel, what an amazing experience. Almost as amazing as your experience.
    Take care
    Pastor Dave


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