Thursday, April 18, 2013

You Would Be Ticked Too

The big fellas name is Joshua and his riding companions name is Joseph.  They are in the back of a Landrover headed for a clinic in Terekeka and they let me ride along.  You see Joshua and Joseph are not real good friends because Joseph considers himself a ladies man and is always giving Joshua a bad time about his eating habits.  Just before I took this picture I heard Joseph say to Joshua that he better slow up on the chowing down or he would never get a date to the prom and Joshua said something like, you better slow up with all your lip action or I am going to thump your skinny little head.  Anyway it went on like that until we got to the clinic and they both got shots and then they didn't have anything to say to anybody for the rest of the day.  Just another day in the bush with two wild and crazy African guys.....


  1. thanks for my chuckle for the day! so cute!

  2. That big fella, Joshua, is quite the cutie!! I got a great laugh out of you story and, of course, I am always so happy to see babies!! They are darling little guys! I can't even imagine how much fun you're having there in the Southern Sudan....


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