Tuesday, April 9, 2013

UN Russian Helicopter

On Monday I moved from Harvesters orphanage in Yei to their new orphanage in Terekeka, which is about 150 miles north. The road is really bad from Yei to Juba and I was able to catch a free ride on a old Russian UN helicopter. What a kick.  Got to ride this cool old helicopter instead of spending six hours getting beat to death on very rough road.  Lance and Kim who run the Terekeka compound picked me and a brother and sister from Arkansas who wanted to visited Terekeka also, in Juba.  We got to Terekeka in the afternoon and it seemed like we went a long way back in time.  Wow, this is one fascinating place.  We are considered in the middle of the bush on the mighty Nile river.  A crocodile is seen now and then, lots of snakes to include green mambas and cobras and it is a lot hotter than Yei.  Internet is by generator and satellite and strength of connection is always questionable, but I hope to share a  lot about this amazing place.
Blessings from the bush in South Sudan

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