Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Controlled Mayhem and Going Away Presents

Most cities in Africa are nothing short of an amazing thrill ride.  For all of you roller coaster junkies, African city driving is right up your alley.  There are virtually no lights or signs.  You just jump in and finesse or muscle your way through a maze of potholes, goats, and a gazillion other drivers as crazy as you are for being out there in the first place.  This picture is of a street that is lined with businesses.  The problem is they do not have any parking, so everyone double parks while they try to get there shopping done all the time watching out for the police to show up and write expensive parking tickets.  We were here to buy supplies (beans and rice) for Terekeka and it was amazing.  It is like a living, breathing organism with a flow and a mind of it own.

I mentioned the other day that I had come down with malaria, well a few hours after they told me I had malaria they told me I had typhoid also.  They caught them both early so there shouldn't be any problems down the road.  I am leaving for America Saturday and Africa decided to give me a date with malaria and her sinister sister, typhoid before I left. That's OK, it still has been more then worth it to come to wonderfully amazing place.

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