Monday, April 22, 2013

Joseph Kony is not going to kill me and my little boy!!

I have a hard time imagining at the age of four fleeing my country on foot with my mother to keep from being killed by Muslim extremist.  Then finding myself in another country where a man and his small army want to kill my mother and probably me because I am not old enough to be a soldier in his army. I can't imagine that going for two and three days without food is normal.  I get nervous if I miss lunch.

Then going back to my country at seven only for my mother to become so sick she can't take care of me at all.  Then a having a grandpa taking me to place run by this white women and her husband and leaving me there.  Why would my grandpa do that?

Emmanuel Guya Alison is 19 years old and was born in Payawa-Yei, South Sudan.  He is from the Kakwa tribe and he wants to be an electrical engineer someday.  When Guya came to Harvesters there where only 11 other orphans here.  He is very intelligent, kind, and soft spoken.  But what really impressed me about Guya was how appreciative he is to Harvesters and to God for bring him here.  The way he said something really sticks with me.  He said it in a very emotional way, "I have never gone to bed since I have been at Harvesters on an empty stomach."   Amazing young man and I know he will go far.

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  1. thanks Dave, good to hear how people can rise above such tragedy and upheaval.


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