Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rush Hour

Almost every evening after dinner I go for a walk around the perimeter of the compound.  This small effort at some exercise after eating more beans and rice has become quite enjoyable.  50% of the time I am able to watch  the last part of a soccer game and these kids are fun to watch.  From there I make it to the back corner of the property which has a lot of plant growth, so I have to watch for snakes.  Then I go through the area that the housemothers are doing the laundry by hand for their kids. About half way through this little walk I come to the road that adjoins the compound.  A vehicle will come through this area at the rate of about one an hour.  There is however, a lot of foot and bicycle traffic and  you can see some real interesting characters on this road.  But just whipping your camera out and start taking pictures is a no no.  In fact it can become a problem so we just don't do it.  The above picture was taken on the sly, but it give you an idea of some of the comings and goings of this area.
Blessings from Harvesters, South Sudan

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