Monday, April 1, 2013

157 Kids Call Me Mama

What would you do if you were born and raised in Western Kenya.  Married and working toward your degree in counseling psychology, but needed a job.  Well Josephine found a job alright, not in Kenya but in South Sudan at Harvesters as the Orphanage Supervisor.  Which means she is the head mama for 157 kids and let me tell you, she does it well.  She knows every kid by name, where they came from and how long they have been here.  I have got to know Josephine pretty well and she is a kick.  But to tell you the truth I like her daughter better.  Adrielle graced the cover of this very blog a few day ago under the title of "Looking Good".
Josephine Wanjiku Kigundu.  Born in West Kenya 33 years ago, married, and comes from the Kikuyu tribe.  She has been with Harvesters for almost five years.  She love Jesus and these kids and the kids love her back.  Very fine lady....

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  1. Dave,
    Your great stories keep coming and we appreciate it and especially knowing that you are safe, but see that you are in good hands! You are surrounded buy wonderful people and they shine through your words and pictures.
    Thank you for sharing with us in all that you do and your friends.
    I can't stop of thinking...beans and rice baby.....enjoy. I'll have a hamburger waiting for you when you get back.

    Robert & Vivienne


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