Saturday, April 27, 2013

Charles and Jimmy Michael

Very seldom did I walk around the compound that Charles and Jimmy Micheal didn't run up to me and want to play.  These little guys always brought a smile to my face.  They will soon be three years old.  I am writing this blog at the airport in Entebbe, Uganda.  I have finish the first leg of a four leg journey back to Oregon.  I have a 11 hour layover here... Ugh....  and I miss my two little buds already..   next stop Brussells, Belguim sometime tomorrow morning...

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  1. Reading this post and seeing Charles and Jimmy's faces brought tears to my eyes. I know your heart must be aching to go back already. I know you enjoyed your visit immensely and that your heart remains at that orphanage, with the children and the kind folk you were privileged to meet.

    Thank you for sharing, and exposing, your heart and thoughts with us while you were there in Southern Uganda. It was a blessing to all of us who follow your blog. God Bless and heal you Dave!


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