Thursday, April 25, 2013

Amazing Mother and Her Family

Do missionaries have fan clubs.  If they don't, some should.  If Elizabeth Perry had a fan club, I would join.  This women from Michigan/Colorado in the USA flat dab amazes me.  I have watched her and her eight children (yes, I said eight and there's more) and her equally amazing husband for the last two months.  The way she raises her kids, and the way she treats everyone around her impresses me very much.  I have asked her kids what kind of mom and teacher she is and they all said without hesitation that she is the best.  I will be profiling her doctor husband Jeff later.  

Other kids:  They have a 23 old adopted son who is finishing up his college education in the states and then they have a special story about their adopted twins.  A little over a year ago a man brought in his new born twin boys.  The mother had died and the boys were doing very poorly and without help they would die also.  Both Elizabeth and Dr. Jeff already knew from God that there was going to be twins boys in their lives and here they were.  Elizabeth who was at the time nursing her youngest added the twins to join their new sister.  For the next 2 1/2 months the boys became very healthy and the Perry's had started and got approval for adoption from the country. Then out of no where the father shows up and wants his boys back.  Can you imagine?  After a process, Elizabeth said they made the hardest and best decision in their lives and let the boys go with their father back to the bush. 

Two more things:  Elizabeth told me that the best thing about living here is knowing that she is living God's will in her life.  Lot of us would like to know that for sure.  She also told me that of all the many things she has to be thankful for,  her salvation is the most important.  She is one smart lady and I am real glad to know her.

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  1. Hi Uncle Dave! I love reading your blog. Thank you for taking the time to write it.



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