Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Yesterday was a pretty special day for me.  Kerry, a visiting nurse from Tasmania/Houston/Kampala took me to the hospital here at Harvesters.  She wanted me to meet three special ladies along with their three special babies.  One lady by the name of Rose was having serious problems giving birth and four members of her family carried her several miles  by hand on her little mattress.  Two moms had twins but both lost one because they were so small. This little girl does not have a name yet because they will have a special ceremony at which time they will name her.  I have to tell you it was pretty hard on this old bird holding that little girls tiny little hand, knowing that if this hospital had not been here she would have died.  Pretty special moment for me.....


  1. What a precious moment and child! All I could say is "Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World." Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to our faces.

  2. Dave, I am so glad you got to hold that precious little one, what a blessing for you.

  3. Dave, I did see this little precious one, and know you loved holding this little bundle! Thanks for the blogs , love keeping up with what your doing.Linda


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