Friday, April 5, 2013

A True Rose

My last blog I talked about the food that the kids get here.  The lady who is charge of making sure those 600 kids get something to eat is an amazing lady.  She has been with Harvesters almost since the very beginning and she is a kick.  She has seen it all.  She has seen the kids scared to death because Joseph Kony and the LRA were near by.  She has seen babies die and she has seen a tremendous amount of kids get a chance in life.  I like her and we had fun while she let me hang out in her very hot kitchen for a day.

Rose Itiya is 39 years old and born right here in Yei, South Sudan.  Itiya is from the Kakuwa tribe and is a widow with four children all who she has put through school.  I salute this very nice woman and her wonderful staff.  They are amazing.  They work 13 hour days and they always have a smile. I am also proud that  Sarah, a friend of mine from Oregon sponsors Itiya.  Thank you Sarah for helping make a much better life for these kids.

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