Sunday, April 7, 2013

Go To Guy

Pastor Dennis and Mama Lillie Klepp are the founders of Harvesters and they run the show.  But for day to day operations and when the Klepps are gone they have to have a very talented person to keep things running smoothly.  During the week it is normal to have over 800 people at Harvesters, so keeping things running smoothly is a daunting task.  Their go to guy is a very nice man they call Mr. Morris.
Maurice Akuno is 48 and he was born in Kisumu, Kenya and is of the Luo tribe. He is married and has four children.  His family lives in Mombasa, Kenya and that is very hard on him as he is in South Sudan most of the time.  After he graduated high school his brother offered to pay his way through a university in India.  However, after one year his brother lost his job and Maurice was on his own in a foreign land.  Instead of coming home he stuck it out and finished his college degree on his own, many times living on the streets.  Eight years ago Maurice came to Harvesters as a teacher.  Now he is the compound director and this man has a huge job that he takes very seriously and does very well.  I hope he thinks of me as a friend as much as I do him.
Blessings from South Sudan

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