Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 94

Monday 01/30/12  Day 94  40 miles   3,072 total
Today is my daughter Anna's birthday and my moving on day.  Tough day for me as I'm not there for my daughter and I am leaving some very special people.  Malinda and I go to breakfast and then head east.  We explore small towns and make our way to Meridian.  This is a cool little town of less than 2,000.  Malinda even likes it.  She takes me to the sheriff and police departments and asks them to keep a eye out for me and then we go to the paper and make a appointment with them for tomorrow.  Find the city owned RV park and unload my cart and say goodbye.  This was not a normal goodbye for me, in fact it was hard.  Malinda, her son Sam, and her friend Jennifer mean a great deal to me and I truly thank God for blessing me with their kindness and friendship. Picture is of my good and dear friend in Hico, Texas.  Thank you, Malinda for believing in me.

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  1. I am already missing you. Looked up at the stars and thought that it was a great night to be camping. I am so proud of you , so glad the interview went good.Call you tomorrow , OXOXOX


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