Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 85

Day 85  Saturday   01/21012  20 miles 3,032 total
(Friday, day 84 was spent taking it easy on Lake Proctor.)  Sat. morning broke  camp and headed for Dublin.  Was told that it was a neat little town and worth me going off track a little bit to see.  Want to go to church there, so waited until today to head that way.  Walked about two miles when Beverly stops to see if I wanted a ride.  Very interesting, energetic woman.  Only had a 20 minute ride, but it was a good one.  She was interested in the journey and also introduced me to geocaching.  I haven't explored it yet.  Some of you might know about it and give me some pointers.  Beverly dropped me off at city park and I call a number about the RV Park.  The # is the police department.  Dispatcher doesn't know regs. so sends a officer over to talk to me.  Officer turns out to be a lady and she informs me that only RVs can use the park and that they don't have a place for tramps like me.  Just kidding, she didn't say that.  They really don't have any place I can put up my tent legally in Dublin.  She runs a check on me and then blows my socks off by saying she has a hung yard and I can set up at her place.  Can you believe that?  She gets off at four and I am to met her at her place after she gets off work.  I head into town because I wanted to see the Ben Hogan Museum that I had read about.  Ben Hogan was and still is a legend in the world of golf.  When I get there I meet one of the directors.  Her name is Karen and we had a wonderful conversation for well over an hour.  We had such a good time and I really hope we stay in contact with each other.  Check out couple other museums and head for the policewoman's house.  Malinda is one of those tough tell it like it is people.  She spent 15 years on the PD of Forth Worth, SWAT trained, three years undercover and as nice as they come.  She loves the Lord and has this big heart and three big dogs and a 13 year old son and a great husband who is still on the Ft. Worth PD.  She is working for Dublin and they are buying a home and planning for retirement and raising their son in a community they like a lot better than the big city.  She ends up giving me my own bedroom and God blessed me again.  Tons more about these great people in the book. What a amazing day!!! 

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