Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 80

Monday  01/16/12  Day 80    90 miles  3,006 total
Today I go over the 3,000 mile mark.  I had a real good night.  Stars, moon, wild pigs and all.  Wake up early and watch a real nice sunrise.  Take my time, read and head out.  Walk about a mile to a good spot to catch ride to Cisco.  All my batteries are low and I need to blog.  Wait close to three hours before I had my first encounter of the trip with the law.  Deputy Sheriff Kerry Beal pulls up and asks me what I am up to????  I tell him and give him a card.  He asks for some ID and I show him my drivers lic.  He runs a check and to some of your amazement, I am clean.  Come to find out that a concerned citizen of Brekenridge was concerned about me being in the area.  All I was doing was trying to get a ride.  Kerry is a very nice man and was just doing his job and that job was to make sure I got a ride out of the area.  He made several calls and finally his Pastor, Dennis Hall said he would get me to Cisco.  Kerry took me back into town and insisted on buying me a cheeseburger and had the clerk give me the change from a $20.  He went back to work and I waited until Dennis picked me up. I think he might have felt bad about the whole deal.  Pastor Dennis picks me up and we head for Cisco.  He is a nice guy and his church is rocking.  When ever a church is performing baptisms on a regular basis.  That is great.  Dennis drives me all over Cisco to try and find a place to put my tent and we finally give up and I have him drop me off at an intersection.  It doesn't take long for me to decide to head for Rising Star.  In less than 30 minutes, Michael a oil industry guy picks me up and takes me to Rising Star and he also drives me all over to find a place for tent.  We give up and I have him drop me off in the center of town.  Hang out for about an hour and head east to try and find a place in the country to pitch by beat up old tent.  Just walking down the road and a young guy, also named Michael, stops to see if I want a ride.  He is headed for Comanche and I say that would be great.  When I was putting my cart in the back of his pickup, my handle brakes.  Now have a real problem.  We drive into Comanche and like Dennis and the other Michael we drive all over trying to find a RV park that will take a tent.  Just before dark we find a little park with no facilities and I call the number and Weldon, the owner tells to go ahead and set up.  Try to give Micheal some money, but he won"t take it. What a day.  I am beat and it is not cold and hit the sack early.  Sorry this was so long.  I hope you get book two to learn more about this day. 


  1. I just found out about the journey your on and it has been awesome reading your post. Thank you Uncle Dave! Love you and good luck:) Natasha

  2. Dave that first pic is so beautiful!! Glad to hear you met some nice people that took the time to get you where you needed to go and the lunch! Wonder if there were any angels! Things are looking up always have a wonderful adventure in the Lord. Been prayin for you. Bless You Susanne

  3. dave ,
    you're a "wonderment" to me .
    'Lifting you up , , , and following you .

    Bless you, Brother
    jack cherry


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