Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 79

Sunday  01/15/12  one mile  2,916 total
Decided not to hang around this park.  Normally I would stay to try and get an interview, but tomorrow is MLK day and I just don't feel comfortable here.  Pack everything up and go to a very nice church a few blocks away.  Beautiful building that will seat well over 300.  Have coffee with a few people before the service.  There were about 35 people in attendance and the pastor gave a brief sermon on our calling.  A few people shake my hand and wish me well.  No one really had an interest in me or what I was doing. Time for me to leave Brenkenridge.  Walked south for about a mile and came across a nice grassy spot by the road and made a p&j sandwich.  I just finished the sandwich when a lady and a young man that I assumed was her son pull up.  They had seen me walking and went and prepared me a very nice sack lunch for me.  Lisa and Jacob were just what I needed.  They were so nice and I was tired and a little down.  I was missing my family and friends in Oregon and my adopted family in Anson and by these people stopping it really lifted my spirits.  Didn't get much sleep the night before so decided to roll my bedroll out.  Edited what I have written in book 2 and had a nice Sunday afternoon. Did a little exploring and found a lot of signs that wild pigs had been in the area.  Not to worried, will listen for them as I enjoy the stars. Picture of sign is on the out skirts of Albany.  I need to remember to take more pictures.

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