Monday, January 30, 2012

Days 90 & 91

Thursday, Friday  01/26, 27    Days 90 & 91 zero miles
Well I have been out here for three months.  Many didn't think I would make it this long.  I must admit I had my doubts at times.  Thursday I did a lot of internet stuff and fixed a few things.  Still waiting for possibilities in Ft. Worth.  Friday Malinda and I took her friend Jennifer to Mineral Wells for a dreaded root canal.  As soon as she was done with her fun in the dentist chair we went to the Mineral Wells Index and I did an interview that Malinda had lined up. Went to lunch at a outstanding Chinese buffet and while we eating lunch Jen and Malinda decided I needed to take advantage of Jen's place of employment.  She is a far out medical type person and she takes me to were she works and her partner does a echo casrdiogram to see how the old ticker is doing and then does a cardioid ultrasound to see if any blood is getting to what ever is left of the brains.  Her Dr. is going to check the results out Monday, but from what they could see, I am good to go.  $2,000 worth of testing for free.  It was so kind of her to do this for me.  Besides that she is a hoot. Got back to Dublin in time to pick up Sam and then we ended up going to a church to see the movie Courageous. What a blessing that was, however, it made me wish I had been a much better dad and husband.  Struggling with leaving tomorrow.  These are very special people and have grown very fond of them.  I know, I got mushy over my family in Anson too.  First pic is me setting on the steps of the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells.  It has been closed along time.  In it day it hosted a lot of famous people including Judy Garland.  Big dog is Cevier, who followed me ever where when I was working on Malinda's home and second is of Ace. Ace is one of nine pups born to there rottweiler, who wasn't suppose to be able to have pups, with Ceivier, a mastiff, as pop.  Longing forward to seeing Ace grow into to some kind of lumbering monster.

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  1. Today was a hard day for me. I have been a Police Officer for 15 years, normally when i met a hitchhiker i give them a few dollars and send them down the road. Last Saturday was different.Before coming into work I was on my knees praying about a problem, and God sent me Dave.


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