Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 78

Saturday 01/14/12  Day 78 25 miles 2,915 total
Stayed in my tent yesterday and wrote.  Didn't feel good so used the writing as an excuse.  Walked east for awhile and decided to try and get a ride.  Didn't even have my sign out before a sweet little lady stopped to give me $2.00.  Want to get to Brekenridge and set up so I can go to church tomorrow.  After only a few minutes, Tony a electrical contractor from Abilene gives me a ride to Brekenridge and also buys me a sandwich.  I like Tony and I hope he will stay in touch.  He drops me off at the only RV park in town.  No one there so I call a posted number to find out that they can't accommodate me, but tell me there is a city  park a few blocks away that I can set up in.  I find the park and set up in a fairly secluded spot.  As I was walking through the park ended up meeting Carl from Albany.  He was there with his family.  We talked awhile and as I was leaving he made me take $18.00.  Another nice person.  After I set up I went to explore the town.  Got back a few hours later to find that some kids had used my tent to throw rocks at.  Tore up one side pretty bad and made a mess inside.  Amazing thing is, they didn't steal anything.  Grateful and bummed at the same time.  That night there was a lot of kids running around, making noise and doing Saturday night kid stuff.  Didn't get much sleep and learned not to set up in a city park, especially on a Saturday night.  Picture of county court house and one of seveal murals in town.

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