Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Days 81 and 82

Days 81 & 82  01/17 & 18/12  Tuesday & Wednesday
There is so much to write about the last two days. I am going to be brief for fear of it being to long.  Yesterday I went searching for a place that could possibly weld my broken handle.  After several stops, Doug Martin of Doug's Auto Repair fixed me up and wouldn't take a penny.  Weldon Hall who owns the RV Park that I am staying at for free lent me some tools and a piece of paneling and I was able to fix my little cart better than ever.  Was going to head out today but decide to try for an interview.  Called the paper and about a hour later Lance shows up.  His family has owned the Comanche Chief since 1920.  We got to talking and he found out I loved ranches and he said if I have the time he would show me around.  I said you bet and off we went for a six hour tour.  His family has a very nice ranch south of town, part ownership in a winery, a vinyard, and he lives in this beautiful Victorian home with his wife and four kids.  I got to see it all. I will show pictures instead of writing a long blog. Also because of Joyce, Bill, Kerry, Carl, Lance, and Brandon who works with Weldon I will be able to send some more funds to the kids. First picture is of Lance by their pool.  Second in their vinyard. Third is part of their ranch.  Forth is a deer hunting blind.  About a hundred yards away is a feeder that automaticly emites corn at spcefic times.  It also has a motion detection camera that takes pics. of everything that goes by.  There are so many deer here that with a license you are allow up to two bucks and two does per year.  These Texans love their hunting.  Headed for Dublin tomorrow.

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