Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Days 92 & 93

Sat. / Sun.  01/28, 29   days 92 & 93  zero miles
Malinda convinced me that leaving Monday instead of today was a much sounder plan.  Malinda has developed very good persuasion  skills to prove her point.  Might have something to do with being a police officer and a woman. Was able to build a little bit Sat. and went to a Assembly of God church Sunday.  Sunday evening had dinner with Jen and her husband Michael, son Nathanael, and daughter Emma.  Great food and conversation.  When Jen explained to her kids what I was doing, Emma gave me $3.02 out of her piggy bank to help some other kids.  She really wanted to do it or I wouldn't have taken it.  Cool thing is, she felt very good about helping another little kid in a dif. part of the world. Head east for sure tomorrow.  Sure going to miss all of these people. First picture is in Hico where the left handed Billy the Kid supposedly died of old age.  The real reason for the picture is that I am left handed.  Second is of Sam showing me some moves on a park stage.

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