Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 86

Day 86  Sunday  01/22/12 
Malinda has to work so I follow Jen, a friend of hers, to Cottonwood Church a few miles east of town.  Meet Mike Fritscher, the pastor, right away and he takes us to David's SS class.  David is a awesome teacher and he also has three young men there that just came off the mission field share about their experiences. Carl was in Brazil working with tribes on the Amazon. Clayton had just spent a week in Haiti, and Jason and his wife are home for a short time before returning to Indonesia.  Church service is in a brand new sanctuary that was just recently completed and it was very good.  Really liked the worship and the message.  Pastor Mike preached on the What and the How to Pray out of Mathew 6.  Got a lot out of it, but what really stuck with me is this...we should always be praying that God's priorities are our priorities.  At the end of the service Pastor Mike introduced me to the congregation and I got to meet and talk to a lot of nice folks after the service.  The rest of the day was great.  Malinda and her son Sam helped me with a bunch of techno stuff.  Looks like I might be doing a youtube thing, finally  have music on my mp3, and hopefully be able to put the interview with the internet radio station out of Abilene on my web site and maybe facebook.  Coming to Dublin has been one blessing after another. First pic is of Church sancuary about 10 minutes before it all most filled up.  Second is a corner lot that was a mess for many years before five older people took it on there own to make it attractive and they did an  amazing job. Their actions started more improvement projects through out this neat little town.

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