Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 76

Thursday  01/12/12  Day 76  35 miles,  2,890 total
Moving on day.  Went to the Cason's to take them a couple books and pick up copies of my radio interview that Joyce burned for me.  Bill took me over to Ron and Phyllis Parks so that Ron could download onto a thumb drive a series of lessons for me.  Ron taught at their church Wednesday night Bible study and it was excellent.  Took Evelyn to it last night and she plans on returning.  Evelyn gave me a ride to Albany.  I will never be good at saying goodbye to people I really care for and today was no exception.  It was hard and I miss them.  Ended up setting my tent up east of Albany and got back out here to more good old Texas wind and cold weather.  Headed east, but going to spend some time putting all that has happened the last month into book 2.  What a month.  First picture is of court house in Albany and second speaks for it's self.  God Bless, everybody.

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